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New Mutants #8 review

Comic Books

New Mutants #8 review

Magma returns to home in Roma Nova.

In this issue of New Mutants, Magma returns to her home country of Roma Nova to answer a distress call from her father, who had detained a young mutant tripping their security system. Magma converses with the mutant being detained and learns that there are mutant-hunting monsters hunting them in the rain forests of the Amazon. He had been trying to reach the Krakoa Stargate when he and his friends were attacked.

Aided by her fellow mutants, Boom Boom and Armor, the group investigates this new information and tracks their way through the rain forest to the closest portal, much to Boom Boom’s dismay. Predictably, they are attacked by several monsters which they tear apart, or in Boom Boom’s case, blow up from the inside. The final panel of this issue involves a woman stepping forth, monsters in tow, looking at that mess before her. She swears revenge on her precious monster children.

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New Mutants #8 review

Marvel Comics

This issue of New Mutants is short and it is not very deep. After coming off a very strong story in which Cannonball and Sunspot strengthen their friendship, I would expect a little bit more out of this series. But in its defense, the last issue had been written by Jonathan Hickman, and that is a hard act to follow.

It’s been a minute since we have seen a solid team up between Boom Boom and Magma. I was expecting to see a similar story of strengthening bonds between these characters. Ever since their blooming relationship in X-Men: Evolution, I have been hoping that the comic books would follow and grow their friendship. While Magma admits to having brought Boom Boom to help her deal with the depressive state she was left in since her last mission, that is as deep as anything gets before they start tearing apart monsters.

New Mutants #8 review

Marvel Comics

Magma also seems to be out of character in this issue, especially in returning to Roma Nova, a location we have not visited in the X-Men for a very long time. Her moment in being reunited with her father is short, and does not address what their final relationship even is at this point.

Magma’s lines are mediocre at best, with little to no characterization. This is an Amazonian Princess who expected to be treated like royalty when she first arrived to the X-Mansion. Yes, people can grow, but I loved how awkward Magma was in her earlier years on the first run of New Mutants. At this point, I don’t know what kind of character Magma is supposed to be in this comic.

At least there is a fun diary entry from Boom Boom, and that is definitely worth a read.

The story also seems very similar to Excalibur, except the story has flipped and the monsters are hunting the mutants. If anything, this is a filler issue. It’s fun and it’s nice to see Boom Boom using her powers with her classic snark, but this is just the cheese without the rest of the sandwich.

New Mutants #8 review
New Mutants #8
Is it good?
This is a filler issue at best. Nothing important seems to happen in the issue, and the characters seem kind of like they don't want to be hanging out with each other. It's disappointing to see them return to a staple location from New Mutants and have it be lackluster, and spotlighting a villain who likely last two seconds.
Boom Boom's diary entry is hilariously fun.
I can read anything with Boom Boom in it, blowing s--t up.
The characters lack development and personality, especially Magma.
Magma's return to Roma Nova is boring and more like a passing thought than a plot point.
The villain reveal is unoriginal and non-threatening.

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