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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #3 Review

Thanks to double shipping, Marvel released Superior Spider-Man #3 today one week after #2 shipped. Call me crazy but this can’t be on purpose. Double shipping should at least be two weeks apart right? Anyhoo, anyone hoping to get a faster resolution now that Doc Ock is Spider-Man (that’s ‘SpOck’ on the message boards to you) should breathe easier. No way this lasts that long when it’s double shipped. I wasn’t a fan of the last issue, but maybe this one can win me over…is it good?

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Superior Spider-Man #3 (Marvel Comics)

Last issue was heavily plot-driven and read as if writer Dan Slott wanted to get the whole MJ being raped by SpOck thing out of the way. This issue is a little more laid back, doesn’t feature blue ghost Peter Parker quite as much and actually delivers some much needed character development to Doc Ock Spidey. Hell, it even opens with a fun reference to Batman!

My Spider-Signal is tingling!

Batman diss!

Dare I say it, Dan Slott is slowly humanizing Doc Ock. It’s hard to believe considering the evil genius and evil scientist imagery we’ve seen in the last few issues, but this issue is a good step to humanizing SpOck. This is the first issue where I actually felt he was genuinely trying to be a hero and not just trying to one up Spider-Man. I think this is attributed to his interaction with Carlie and Jameson.

Hmm. Seems the blue ghost aspect is developing as well.

When blue ghost Peter Parker was introduced at the end of the first issue I groaned. I was one of the few who were excited to see a Doc Ock focused book, but that development threw a monkey wrench into that. With Peter floating around we’d always have that additional story mucking things up. That might be why I enjoyed this issue more than the last, because SpOck can actually shine as a character and not be simply a plot device to carry things forward.

Sir Ian McKellen as Vulture…also Spidey is inside a memory. Neat.

There seems to be rules to this whole blue ghost thing.

Consider Doc Ock as a villain and most folks assume he’s an evil genius who’s evil for evil’s sake. This issue dispels that, however, and shows a broken man with deep-seated issues, particularly with his childhood. It makes sense and it helps flesh him out.

You don’t want to see Doc Ock Spidey when he’s angry!

Much props to artist Ryan Stegman who is living proof artists who ink their own work benefit from it. The composition flows very well and I can’t help but look at his work and be reminded of Todd McFarlane. A much cleaner McFarlane at that.

The ever changing new Spider-Man eyes are a cool addition.

Final Score: 9

  • Great art
  • Two stories evolving well
  • If you hate the premise you will hate this comic

In one sense I find this story gimmicky and a test of the readers’ patience. In another I like that this is a story we haven’t seen before. This issue delivers great action, nice humor and character development. What more could you want from a comic?

Is It Good?

Yes. Come ride this rollercoaster storyline and see if you love and hate it as much as I have these last three issues.


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