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Is It Good? Suckers #0 Review

Maybe it’s off base to open a review talking about price, but I can’t help myself. This comic is free on Comixology today, for one week only. Why even read a review when it’s free? I suppose if you want to make sure your time isn’t wasted…well fine, when you put it that way, is it good?

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Suckers #0 (Zenescope Entertainment)

Comics with a comedic tilt are few and far between, at least the ones that work. The last comic that consistently made me laugh out loud was Nextwave by Warren Ellis and that was way back in 2007! Well, writer Pat Shand has written himself a pretty funny vampire comic that should make anyone who hates Twilight giddy with anticipation.

Who talks like that? Jerkweeds that’s who!

For a good summary of what this series is all about check out the interview I did with Pat Shand last week right here. The bare bones concept is simple enough: two vampires, one a gangster bro dude guy and the other a classic Nosferatu vampire, are best friends who love to play blood pong. They also love to watch horror movies and very much hate Twilight. They run out of bodies to drain for their game so head out to a club to get some fresh female blood. Lo and behold who is there, but the star of the Twilight series! To make matters worse he’s a vampire himself and he’s actually pretty good at kicking butt.

Demented but fun.

The humor in this book is a comically dark, but cute enough for almost all ages to enjoy. You truly need to be a big kid to love this, but I’m sure if you’re a serious person you’ll at least crack a smile and get a chuckle out of this. There’s a few pop culture references, like the McLovin one above, and nothing is so dark it’ll disgust or insult. Really it’s almost as if Pat Shand and artist Ian McGinty crafted a Saturday morning cartoon with a bit of gore thrown in and an intention for adults to enjoy it. The plot isn’t too heavy, everything is clear and the humor kicks in enough to warrant your attention. It just so happens the vamps drink from people’s necks and use their bodies as toys.

C. M. Coolidge reference! You dig!?

Ian McGinty is quite a force in this book. It has a cartooning style to it that’s all his own and it’s chaotic in all the right places. It keeps things fluid and moving with lots of energy in every single panel. The heavy ink work also makes it almost pointless to add colors. The design of the characters is also interesting and fun to look at. I could see McGinty drawing X-Men with flying colors or any other major property really. Just look at All-New X-Men #15 and you’ll see a comic-strip, cartoony look works great.

How many creepy dudes do this every Friday night?


  • Unique and fun art
  • Unique and fun premise
  • Cramped panels here and there

So much praise…so why didn’t I give it a 10 out of 10? For a few reasons, one of which is some of the panels do feel a bit cramped. Another is there isn’t much known about these protagonists besides the obvious, which hurts your ability to root for them. That said, give this a few issues to stretch its legs and I could see this series lasting a very long time.

Is It Good?

Yes. Enjoyable premise, enjoyable humor and a general sense of newness and originality. Great book, and it’s free, buy it you dolts!


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