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Is It Good? The Flash #23.3 Review

Forever Evil is set to launch three mini-series next month: Arkham War, A.R.G.U.S., and Rogues Rebellion. This issue in particular seems to be an issue that’ll be setting up the Rogues story, which makes sense since it is about them. Is this issue good at getting that event started?

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The Flash #23.3 (DC Comics)

The Flash #23.3 Cover

Taking place a bit before Forever Evil, the Rogues are having internal problems. Most of them are still frustrated at Captain Cold for messing with their DNA and giving them powers. After all, it left one of them badly burnt, one in an on and off again coma, and one stuck inside of Mirror World. However, one of the rogues decides to do the right thing and problems occur.

The Flash 23.3 01
Unfortunately, that good decision does not involve being a designated driver.

This plot is hard to sum up easily and without spoiling a single panel. That is not a shot at the comic though. This was a pretty enjoyable issue overall and I really like these villains. They are bad guys, but aren’t totally bad.

They’ve got a moral code and play by it, which makes the issue enjoyable to read

They’ve got a moral code and play by it, which makes the issue enjoyable to read, unlike other issues this month. It throws out a bit of background on the characters and where they got their powers as well (not sure if this has been already told previously in the series, since I’m not up to date on it). Overall, I really enjoyed the characters and would want to read more stories with them in it (Thank you upcoming miniseries).

The rest of the writing is good overall. Dialogue is average, but decent and has some good emotion to it. Pacing is good and there are tons of things happening in it, so the issue doesn’t come off as uneventful. The way the issue splices scenes from Forever Evil were good and the ending has a lot of promise for where the story will go in the upcoming mini-series. Outside of one unintentional funny moment (seriously, the doctors weren’t concern about that Rogues showing up at a hospital?), it’s generally good.

The Flash 23.3 02
What? Is the Flash known for breaking into prisons or something?

The artwork is pretty good. I mean, it is not Francis Manapul style art, but it is still nice to look at overall. The characters all look good, the action is very nice looking, the coloring is good, the backgrounds are nicely detailed and lively, and there are couple of great looking panels and pages throughout the issue. Maybe some facial expressions aren’t the best, but it’s good stuff in general.

The Flash 23.3 03
It’s like she emitting snow where ever she walks. Dandruff problem?


  • Great villains.
  • Great art.
  • Good enough writing.
  • Feels more like a prologue.
  • Not the most exciting of the Villains Month issues.

Is It Good?

This was a pretty decent comic overall. The villains are enjoyable and interesting with their code and camaraderie, the story and setup pulled me in, and the artwork looked very good overall. If you are interested in the upcoming series involving them, check this out to help you get warmed up and ready to go.


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