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Is It Good? Six-Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance #2 Review

Not to be confused with BOOM! Studios’ recent science fiction, gorilla shooting series, this title is self published by Brian Christgau and Adrian Sibar with no science fiction to speak of, at least not yet. Yes, that’s correct, a gun-toting gorilla without science fiction immediately evident! We take a look at #2 to answer the question, is it good?

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Six-Gun Gorilla: Long Days of Vengeance #2

The first thing you’ll note when cracking this book open is the decidedly Western feel it’s going for. The book opens with a shootout in the dusty town we’ve seen a hundred times in the classic Western films, completely with taut action, good pacing and a page-turning layout. The fact is, the gorilla on the cover isn’t required to punch these pages up, especially if you’re a fan of Westerns. It also helps that the coloring is interesting and the actions are clear to follow.

Jump and flip and aim and fire!

The story quickly cuts back to where we left off last issue, with the circus and their gorilla in hand. It’s clear this series is all about how a gorilla might wield guns, and it’s nice to know it’s all going in that direction, but it’s doing so at a nice pace that isn’t riding on a gimmick. One reason why this issue is enjoyable to read is because we’re learning about the gorilla, his compatriots and the protagonist at a nice rate that isn’t underestimating the reader.

Moody stuff.

It seems there are some mysteries to uncover, not least of which is how the gorilla could ever learn to read, but also who our protagonist really is. That keeps the reader guessing and makes the yarn a bit more complex.

The art throughout is competent and clear. There were a few pages that threw me for a loop, as if the art was done by a different artist completely, and while there is some gorgeous work here and there, some of the pages seemed rushed and unfinished. It’s mainly a matter of how much detail is rendered in the characters as a few of the pages near the end become nearly blank in the amount of detail. That said, the story still flows and isn’t inhibited by the art, it’s just a bit jarring.

Won’t you let the gorilla read!?


  • Interesting coloring creates atmospheric moments
  • Great opening action sequence
  • Gorilla’s intelligence is intriguing
  • Unfinished looking pages here and there

Is It Good?

Yah, it’s a good read, particularly in its execution of the opening action sequence. Obviously this is a revenge story, which is a bit of a cliche with this genre, but putting guns in a normal gorilla’s hands is interesting. While there doesn’t seem to be any fantasy elements at play just yet, it’s nice to see a story grounded in reality even with what appears to be an outrageous premise.

You can purchase this book for $1.99 on the title’s official website.


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