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Is It Good? Dinosaurs Attack! #5 Review

The end is nigh for the dinosaurs who are attacking over at IDW Publishing. So far we’ve been privy to goretastic paintings of dino attacks, some scientist mumbo jumbo and a lot of B-Movie schlock and now we’re at its end. Is it good?

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Dinosaurs Attack! #5 (IDW Publishing)

Well that ended quickly didn’t it? Oh, you didn’t read this book did you, you’re actually reading this review to see if you want to read it? Well I should hope you read the last issue, where we had a confrontation between the master scientist who brought dinosaurs to Earth and his wife. You see, he’s mad and has a subconscious taking over…or is he? Does it even matter at this point? Let’s get some sick dino action right?

Shoot him. Shoot him. SHOOT HIM!

I was hoping for more when it came to this story particularly because the first issue had so much promise. (Especially the impressive paintings.) Since then though the series has rested on the paintings of dinosaurs and focused less on the human portion of the story. Unfortunately this issue has a lot of art that’s just so-so, and I’m not even sure painter Earl Norem was behind them. The style is way off and the layouts are awkward.

His work definitely comes back later though, particularly in a scene where kids use a bazooka to blow a hole in a T-Rex. There’s also some fun panels near the end with dinosaurs getting their skin literally peeled off by a blast of energy. Gnarly.

The rest of the review can be wrapped up with two words: “What the?”

There’s an element that comes straight out of nowhere that has no bearing on science or dinosaurs. I suppose it’s a last minute way of defining who the real heroes are, but it comes off as silly and pointless when there wasn’t much to build up the concept in general.

Neat perspective in the top right panel.


  • Yet more great paintings
  • Well a conclusion of any kind is appreciated
  • Not enough here for anyone who hasn’t been following

Is It Good?

Not quite. It almost hits it, and there’s some choice art to be had here, but overall it’s a middling conclusion to a rather boisterous and fun series. I’m not sure this conclusion is saved when it’s collected either, because it’s so darn random.


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