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Is It Good? Forever Evil: Arkham War #3 Review

Bane, in all his muscle-clad glory, is roaming Gotham all in the hopes of taking over. Unfortunately Batman’s rogues gallery has cut up the city into pieces and he has to go through them to finally take what was Batman’s. Can he do it, and more importantly how’s the comic? Is it good?

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Forever Evil: Arkham War (2013-) #3 (DC Comics)

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If you’re just joining us, Bane has agreed to deliver Emperor Penguin in order to gain some info on the eight remaining frozen talons. This is all so he can take over Gotham, but unfortunately Scarecrow, Man Bat and a slew of other villains are in his way. The war part of Arkham War hasn’t really started yet, until this issue. Can we finally get over the dialogue heavy exposition and have some fun!?

Clayface as hero…hmm.

After a recap of what’s going on with the frozen Talons we get a reprieve with Killer Croc and Scarecrow to understand what their power play is. Of course this isn’t going to make Bane happy, and he retaliates the best way he knows how: punching faces! We finally get into the thick of this so-called war, and Bane makes some exciting choices. Peter Tomasi writes a pretty mean issue here, with far less dialogue a lot more action and frankly he has Bane make a choice that’s pretty startling. I won’t ruin it here, but some may think it’s out of character, or at the very least against his type. Bane usually does things his own way, but we’re seeing a Bane here who will stop at nothing to achieve what he needs. It’s a symbolic choice he makes and one that’ll most likely resonate in future issues.

The script is taut throughout and should keep the action fans happy. To see all these villains go toe to toe, no matter how short it is, is exciting.

Bane doesn’t hit a lady, he throws them.

Art by Scot Eaton works well, better than previous issues, probably because the script allows his pencils to breathe amongst the art. He also renders a scene where Bane is building something (I won’t ruin what), and it’s dramatic and exciting. When the big reveal does occur the design of Bane’s new costume is interesting and suits the new direction.

Guy is just addicted to holding people over his head.


  • Bane does something that is kind of awesome…Batman style!
  • The art has room to breathe
  • Not clear on what is going on with Penguin

Is It Good?

Call me crazy but after two so-so issues I really loved what is happening in this series. The war finally begins and Bane does something that’ll get everyone talking. On top of that it’s becoming clear what the macguffin is in this little blockbuster, which makes things all the more compelling.


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