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Is It Good? Green Arrow #28 Review

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Is It Good? Green Arrow #28 Review

I didn’t review last issue, but I’m pretty sure the score would have been pretty high. I mean, after that twist last time, I was stoked to see where the story would be going next. It’s here now, but is it good?

Green Arrow #28 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Green Arrow #28 Review

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After the curveball thrown last issue, Green Arrow learns the shocking truth behind his entire time on the island. However, he better get his head in the game because the Shield Clan isn’t down just yet. Meanwhile in Prague, Komodo gets ready to attend the Outsiders meeting and prepare for the next plan of attack to take back the Arrow Totem.

Is It Good? Green Arrow #28 Review
Oh yeah, there is this plotline as well. Good to know they haven’t forgotten about it.

Last issue was incredibly tense and easily left the audience on the edge of their seat. This issue doesn’t miss a single beat of that, but instead of action (oh don’t worry, there is still plenty of that) it is twists and revelations that keep the audience engaged. Not spoiling a single thing because you should honestly be reading this, but what happens and what you learn alongside Green Arrow will certainly keep you glued to the issue.

There is a lot going on in Jeff Lemire’s story, like I mentioned, and it’s all incredibly good. Besides the fact that each story is really interesting and extremely engaging (this is kind of the story that makes you want to know more), it is very well written in general. The characters are great here, each reacting and responding to their situations in ways that make sense to them (I’m just surprised Komodo didn’t do what he did sooner). The comic gives every storyline enough time to grow and progress, even though it’s juggling three of them at once and could easily skimp on one of them without major issue (one plot only gets two pages, but still does quite a bit with it). Along with decent dialogue, pacing, and structure, the writing is general is great.

One thing I can talk about without worrying about spoilers is the artwork. Andrea Sorrentino’s work is fantastic, but you already knew that if you have been following this series since the very beginning. The character work is as you would expect; good character models and nice wide range of emotions (the flashbacks are pretty good in this regard). However, the real pleasure and beauty of the art rests in the layouts and the color. The color itself is fantastic at setting the right mood, drawing the right amount of attention during an action scene, or even just conveying the right lighting for the scenes and how it looks on a person or an object.

That doesn’t even touch upon the layouts, which are phenomenal with how clever and inventive they are while still being relatively easy to follow without difficulty. This is best shown in the action scenes, where the entire fight with Kodiak is shown within gigantic, bold letters for the sound effects. It’s hard to explain—look at the panel below for a better understanding—but it looks incredible and easily shows why this is probably one of, if not the most creative looking books on the market out. I repeat again from a previous review, with artists taking long extended breaks to draw their books (like David Aja, who has fallen behind so far with Hawkeye that issue 16 came out before 15) it still blows my mind that art like this can come out each and every month without fail.

Is It Good? Green Arrow #28 Review
I mean seriously, where is this artist’s Eisner Award?!

Is It Good?

Green Arrow #28 is utterly amazing and easily proves why Green Arrow is one of the best comics that any company is putting out there. Its story is intense and exciting, its characters and villains are interesting, twists and surprises will keep you coming back for more, and the artwork is some of the best in the business. If you are not reading Green Arrow right now, get to it. You are missing out!

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