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Is It Good? She-Hulk #2 Review

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Is It Good? She-Hulk #2 Review

Welcome to back to fabulous cross-eyed world of She-Hulk. The comic got off to a great start last issue despite art problems and hopefully it can continue this trend with the second issue. Can it do it? Is it good?

She-Hulk #2 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? She-Hulk #2 Review

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Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, has set up her legal firm and things are pretty slow and uneventful. With nothing going on, she decides to go out with a friend of hers, Patsy Walker (Hellcat). Soon enough, she has something going on.

Is It Good? She-Hulk #2 Review
Also, she interviews odd people with monkeys.

This was a good issue through and through. This issue is all about establishing and setting up the new status quo for the series. We establish the setting, some of the supporting cast, and the issues and storylines that will arise from Jennifer’s new life. It doesn’t really get into the legal side of things outside of one page and is more focused on the characters and the characterization, which is fine. This is setting up to be a more character driven series anyways, so it’s important for the cast to be fleshed out (like with the scene with Jennifer and Patsy hanging out to together) and for the audience to actually care about them.

Charles Soule’s writing, of course, is also good. The dialogue is still strong, witty, and brings in most of the humor and characterization. The humor is good as well, with its ability to make you smile and chuckle easily. The pacing is good, the story flows well from scene to scene, and the ending is promising (Especially since it looks like it’ll get back to the legal side of things). The quality of writing has ultimately not changed at all from issue to issue happily and you should definitely enjoy this issue if you liked the last one.

Is It Good? She-Hulk #2 Review
You say you’re three times her size, but the art says you’re barely a foot taller.

Now of course we get to Javier Pulido’s artwork, which is where I have the most problems. Last issue, I was able to look past most of it since the story was very good. This time, I just couldn’t. The artwork was far too distracting with its horrendous faces. The characters look 10 or 20 years older with the lines in their face, their eyes are always looking off in completely different directions (made more painfully clear when the comic zooms in), most characters look like they over did it with the blush, and whenever they smile, it’s quite creepy looking (the biggest example goes to the final shot of Hellcat in the comic). She-Hulk came out the worst in this books, especially with her eyes and facial expressions (also the bad body physique and the fact that her hair at one points turns into a lion’s mane for some reason). It’s pretty dang bad and really took me out of the comic plenty of times.

The artwork otherwise works for the type of book and the tone it is going for. It’s a lot of vibrant colors, it’s simple but pop-art style visuals, and its very simple but effective layouts. It definitely has its fans and I could see why people would like it. However, stylization does not necessarily give some aspects a pass, especially when they are this bad at points.

Is It Good? She-Hulk #2 Review
Those eyes… those blank, emotionless, and soulless eyes… *shivers*

Is It Good?

She-Hulk #2 is a solid issue of the series that could potentially be hampered by artwork that’ll be really hit or miss for the audience (and even then, the art still has problems). The quality of the writing is still good and the direction for the series is promising. I do look forward to seeing where this comic will go in the future.

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