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Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #13 Review

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Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #13 Review

I missed reviewing the first issue of this series and I’m still angry about that. You see, every issue has built on the previous, every issue has had great character development, and nearly every issue has been stellar. If that’s all true maybe reading and reviewing issue #1 would make the whole lot that much better? But we’re here for the weekly installment, issue #13. Is it good?

Star Wars: Legacy #13 (Dark Horse Comics)

Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #13 Review

Some things you need to know: Ania Solo, descendent of Han Solo, is trying to keep herself alive. It’s 40 years after A New Hope and she’s just keeping herself among the living with a ragtag group of characters. One is a robot bounty hunter, another an Imperial Knight and her best friend is a Mon Calamari who’s young but has a good heart. She’s been recently kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and to make matters worse he bungled the kidnapping and got his ship shot down by a bounty hunter. Oh, and everyone might be after her because she’s been framed for killing an Imperial Knight. Oopsie. With most of the crew of her kidnappers knocked out and the ship grounded what will Ania do?

Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #13 Review
Setting the scene.

Let’s get something straight, artist and co-writer Gabriel Hardman knows his way around a page. The man sets the mood, captures the characters emotions and always has a fun and interesting page to look at. Some pages capture so much energy and thrill I could swear the guy has spent a lot of time drawing storyboards for some of the best action films. Tie that to the stellar writing his compatriot Corinna Bechko is laying down and you have one mean book. This issue is very well paced and the layouts are always interesting. Now that might not mean much, but know this: much of this book cuts between the action of Ania keeping herself alive and her friends who are sitting in a contained area talking. Five full pages are spent on these characters talking, but the mix up of close ups, medium shots and the like keep things moving forward. It goes a long way to keep things fluid.

Ania’s friends chatting about her morality and the like balances well with her all-out action sequence that takes place in this book. She’s ducking, dodging and keeping her pulse going…plus, we get giant alien crabs! What else could you want from a Star Wars book?

Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #13 Review
Nice shot!

Is It Good?

Comics that are done well aren’t static, and it’s well done here. Another great issue.

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