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Is It Good? Manifest Destiny #6 Review

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Is It Good? Manifest Destiny #6 Review

With this issue the first story arc of Manifest Destiny comes to an end. Our protagonists are about to face one of the biggest threats they have ever encountered. Will the sixth issue of Lewis and Clark’s mysterious adventures end with a heart-pounding finale or a clunker? Is it good?

Manifest Destiny #6 (Image Comics)


Lewis, Clark, and the rest of the expedition have their work cut out for them. In their plans to destroy the forest where the plant zombie virus emerged last issue, they find themselves overwhelmed by more plant zombies. Only now there’s vicious, decaying animal zombies as well. They may have the firepower, but this insanity may prove to be more than they can possibly handle.

Yeah, ominous green glowing eyes makes me nervous as well.

Most of the issue is very action packed and fast paced, with the characters engaging in a large scale fight with plenty of monsters and finishes on a slower, reflective montage that is very well done. After such an intense issue, a little reprieve is welcome, and writer Chris Dingess puts into perspective everything that has happened and where the story will go now. Just a great ending overall for this storyline.

Dingess’ writing is just as strong as the storytelling and its intentions. The mysteries that spring throughout this issue have many implications that are frightening, but at the same time intriguing (hopefully, we’ll see more of what we learned in this issue reappear soon in the series) and should have readers chomping at the bit for more. The dialogue is good, (there are some powerful lines to be found in this issue), and there is a touch of humor that doesn’t clash with the tone or setting of the story. Probably the best thing to me though was the fact that comic touched upon what I have been wanting it to do: give actual characterization and more depth to the characters of Lewis and Clark (some of the side characters still need some work though). Without spoiling anything, there is a scene where we get some real insight into their minds and what they “desire” the most and it does say a lot about them, especially Clark’s bit.

He may be turning green, growing vegetation, and have decaying skin; but that bear sure knows how to take care of its teeth.

Matthew Robert’s artwork is a treat as always when it comes to this series. The characters look great overall, especially the designs of th e plant creatures and the true threat behind everything as well (and invoked memories from Little Shop of Horrors to boot). The layouts look good overall and are easy to follow, though one page made it looked like the characters were being chased instead of chasing something down and some of the backgrounds leave a bit to be desired. The action is quite impressive when the characters are facing down the monsters, especially with the detail of the creatures, the fires, and sheer brutality of it all. This is really the series at its best looking overall and it makes me anxious to see what we’ll see depicted in the next arc. (And if they can top it.)

Is It Good?

Manifest Destiny #6 is a fantastic and thrilling conclusion to its first arc. The writing is extremely strong, the artwork is both amazing and terrifying, and the ending leaves you wanting more. Despite it being criminally underrated and not as discussed as other titles, Manifest Destiny is easily one of the best series that Image is putting out and is a must read for those yearning for a good story. Don’t pass this one up, especially with the upcoming trade collection that collects the first arc.

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