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Is It Good? Starlight #4 Review

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Is It Good? Starlight #4 Review

I think it’s clear by now writers like Grant Morrison, or in this case Mark Millar, are great for one reason: they know how to pace a story. Each issue doesn’t have to have a major plot development, but it better contain something that’s interesting, either with the character or the story progressing things in some way. Starlight has done this well more or less, albeit with a bit of a hiccup so far. But when it comes to issue #4, is it good?

Starlight #4 (Image Comics)

Is It Good? Starlight #4 Review

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The plot so far is pretty simple since the story is a bit decompressed. Duke is the protaganist and saved a planet 30 or so years ago. He came back to Earth and nobody believed he was a hero on another planet except for his wife. Even his kids laughed at him. He’s now old and his wife just passed away. He had nothing to live for until a young boy from the very planet he saved came calling. He needs his help as a dictator has taken over and is killing lots of folks and stripping the planet of its resources. Duke quickly got into a tussle when he arrived and now he’s awaiting execution in prison. How will he ever escape!? Find out in this issue, silly heads!

Is It Good? Starlight #4 Review
A bit too verbose.

I’m not sure if writer Mark Millar is playing around with an older way of writing dialogue or not, because his villains love to talk talk talk. It’s measured and long winded, which is how the old Flash Gordon comics were. It’s a bit exhausting to read, however short it appears in this comic. The way Duke gets out of prison is fun though and the reveal of more of the world and its creatures is incredibly interesting. There is more revealed on the rebels too, which is standard stuff really, but the call to action from our hero is invigorating and empowering stuff. This is superheroes done right, and it’s no surprise Millar is getting so much stuff created in Hollywood.

He also continues to nail the character as he cuts to very touching moments and memories of our aged hero. The guy is a real honest to god human being, and while he’s shown some great strength and shooting ability in this issue and the last he’s really just a gruff dude with bravery on his side. That’s something to root for which is why the character is so endearing.

The art by Goran Parlov is breakneck, solid and wicked. Dude is legit, and should be noted by everyone. He’s clearly at the top of his game and stronger than he’s ever been. Read more about him here.

Is It Good? Starlight #4 Review
Kingfisher…hmmm like the Fisher King?

Is It Good?

This is turning out to be a solid story on many levels. It has a cool connection to a classic comic that started the industry and inspired millions. Oh and it’s got a very powerful thread to humanity through its character. Read it.

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