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Is It Good? Avengers #31 Review

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Is It Good? Avengers #31 Review

Captain America has discovered his memories were erased by the Illuminati, a group made up of Mr. Fantastic, Iron Man and other major heroes. He’s pissed. Fortunately for him he still has access to the time gem, but now he’s being sent into the future and he doesn’t know why. Last issue ended with the heroes arriving 422 years into the future. This can’t be good, but…well, is it good?

Avengers Vol. 5 #31 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Avengers #31 Review

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Last issue ended with the heroes confronting an older and futuristic Avengers. It was a lot of talk and the major thing we learned was that Hawkeye doesn’t make it on the journey. This issue opens with Hawkeye turning into dust as the heroes zip along through the time stream. They still don’t know why this is happening, and this issue explores a little more of the anger Cap has toward the Illuminati, plus we get to explore an entirely new future to boot.

Writer Jonathan Hickman spends most of this issue with characters talking. Surprise, surprise. It is a neat little idea to have the heroes floating into the future as we get to explore the coolest part of time travel stories, that being seeing what’s different. This issue doesn’t explore the world, but we get a good sense of what has happened. It might make some people shudder who read Age of Ultron, but we’re in and out fast enough so that it doesn’t matter. There’s a bit of hubbub spent on Black Widow which I’m not entirely sure why, but that may be due to her being important in a future issue. In this one she’s given some time to speak about guilt and whatnot, but beyond that her story seems to be a pointless affair.

Is It Good? Avengers #31 Review
Most of us do Cap, most of us do…

So, aside from the info on what the deal is with the future, and a development Cap has done to him, there isn’t a ton here to chew on. Cap does have a nightmare that might bring him to forgive or further hate his Illuminati friends, but it’s a rather sparse issue.

Is It Good? Avengers #31 Review
Jeez, they are mean.

Art by Leinil Francis Yu is top notch, with a very good handle on the robots. He has a kinetic style that makes robots look very cool and advanced. He also draws some very disturbing shots of Cap getting tortured and once again his cliffhanger splash page is jaw-droppingly good.

Is It Good? Avengers #31 Review
Don’t you know you need to use protection!?

Is It Good?

Decompression is a thing we must live with it seems, but there’s just enough here to keep your interest. The art is the strongest aspect to this issue which should keep you turning the pages and there is a plot development, however small it is, that should perk up your ears for the next issue.

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