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Is It Good? Sinestro #3 Review

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Is It Good? Sinestro #3 Review

I wasn’t sure if I’d come back to Sinestro after the first issue.

Nothing against the story at all — I was just interested in reading other series more. Now that the latest issue is out I thought… what the hell. Now we answer the question: is it good?

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Sinestro #3 (DC Comics)


Sinestro and his Sinestro Corps are continuing to rebuild themselves on their new planet/base of operations and also help gather the rest of the surviving people from Korugar to start anew. It’s a bit shaky at this time for everyone since there are a lot of members of the Corps who don’t like the new change of pace, the survivors aren’t big fans of Sinestro, and his daughter Soranik isn’t fond of the whole situation in general (mostly sticking around to the help the survivors). Could be worse though; there could be this evil group out there in the universe that wants to kill them for stealing their sacrifices…

Oh wait! That’s totally the case. Silly me forgetting these guys.

Our story in this issue is basically about Sinestro Corps rebuilding and what new challenges and issues they encounter along the way and it’s not bad at all. I mean, the story isn’t really progressing quickly by any stretch, still in the process of setting up the story elements and fleshing out cast of characters, but it’s interesting to read about. Admittedly, it’s hard to get fully invested because the characters aren’t exactly likeable on any level outside of Soranik and Sinestro, who have their own set of rules and morality (the new survivor characters aren’t really fleshed out yet to start liking them exactly).

However, the morality and different points of view do offer the book some good conflict and drama between characters. There are some compelling moments and scenes between these characters so far and coupled with writing that feels like it is getting better (better dialogue, more interesting storylines, etc.), this book has shown marked improvement.

Also, as your father, I recommend actually zipping up your uniform, young lady. You don’t very professional otherwise.

This issue had two artists working on it, with regular Dale Eaglesham and newcomer to the comic, Rags Morales. Happily, I can say that with the combination of the coloring and inking on the book, the transition between both artists’ work is not too noticeable. They flow better together than most books with two different artists on them. Their layouts are genuinely good, the action looks decent, and the amount of detail really helps bring the book to life in parts. Probably the best thing about the artwork is the depiction of the alien races in the book. They all look different, even the more humanoid looking ones with nice line work and detail masterfully put into them.

Is It Good?

Sinestro #3 is a solid issue from a series tha’st slowly improving over time with each passing issue. The writing is getting better, the drama and conflict are well done, and the artwork is rather impressive. The comic could still use a little work but I’m really starting to get into the storyline and I’m looking forward to the next issue.

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