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Is It Good? Justice League 3000 #8 Review

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Is It Good? Justice League 3000 #8 Review

It’s been a while since we checked in on Justice League 3000; all the way back in February, in fact. Over the past four issues we met new villains, new allies, were hit with curveballs and twists in the story, and a brand new Flash ended up dying again.

After all of that and the shocking reveal last issue, let’s see where this story takes us now. Is it good?

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Justice League 3000 #8 (DC Comics)


The future Justice League and Ariel Masters have been forced to return to Cadmus, which is now under the control of Coeval and Terry, by the threat of the league’s heads exploding. Terry wants them preform missions for their evil group and wants Ariel to try to prefect the cloning/science process of making more superheroes. Things look worse than ever for our bickering group.

You don’t tell future Wonder Woman to shut up.

This issue begins a brand new arc and new direction for the book. It’s been a wild ride up ’till now with everything that has happened to our dear heroes, so it’s nice that this issue doesn’t need to be as hectic or shocking last the previous issues. There’s lots of setup in this issue and it’s done well; the story is still very meaty and full of thought-provoking moments.

J.M. DeMatteis and Keith Giffen’s writing is paced and structured well. The dialogue is decent, with a few good lines here and there, along with some very silly bits as well (mostly when the villains talk). The character work with the heroes is probably the highlight though, as we get to watch them grow more and more as a team. They have had their differences and issues before no doubt, but seeing some of their character development unfold is a sheer joy.

Allow me the chance to have my evil monologue and you’ll understand that I’m really not that evil!

Two things that are problematic, though. One is the villains themselves. On one hand, they are very competent, imposing villains. They really are incredibly dangerous and a force to be reckoned with for the future Justice League. On the other hand, these guys seem almost too invincible. They seem to have no clear disadvantage or weakness to them that could be their undoing or what could defeat them that makes it feels like it would almost be impossible for the heroes to win against them. (And that tends to get a little boring.) It’s sort of like that situation with the Builders from Marvel’s Infinity, where the only way the good guys will win is for the writers to pull something out of nowhere.

The other problem is with the cover. It shows Terri alive again as the Flash and indeed, this happens in the comic. However, it happens at the very end of the story, in the last two pages where it is meant or appears like it is set up to be a surprise. As such, the effect is ruined due to that spoiler. Personally, it would have been better to use this cover for the next issue when she’ll appear more .

Howard Porter’s artwork is solid. The layouts look rather nice, being a bit more dynamic with angles and daring perspectives. The amount of detail that goes into the world (and even in the backgrounds) is quite impressive, making everything feel much more alive. The characters look nice and decently drawn, though we still run into that problem of odd facial expressions. People have these looks on their faces at points that don’t mesh up well with their feelings or the current mood often. This area really needs the most work since the artwork otherwise looks really great here.

I ask you, the audience, what is this woman feeling in the last panel just by judging her expression?

Is It Good?

Justice League 3000 #8 is a solid issue overall for the series. I’m liking the new direction, character development, and artwork a lot on this book. It’s really come a long way, though there are still a few problems. If you are still here and have been debating whether or not to drop this book, don’t. Keep with it, since it’s getting better and better.

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