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Is It Good? Original Sin #6 Review

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Is It Good? Original Sin #6 Review

Issue 6 of 8 means we’re nearly at the climax of this Marvel summer event. The keyword here is ‘nearly,’ because there’s still wiggle room to deliver (or not deliver) answers. Does this issue deliver any answers and more importantly, is it good?

Original Sin #6 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Original Sin #6 Review

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Last issue was nearly all flashback as we learned Nick Fury was tasked by Howard Stark to be Earth’s protector. Details revealed all the murders the heroes uncovered in the beginning of this series were done by Fury to protect Earth. Now Fury is very old and a group of heroes (Ant Man, Black Panther, Moon Knight and a few others) want answers. This issue focuses on the conversation between this group of heroes and Fury. Please, for the love of god, do they say anything important?!

Is It Good? Original Sin #6 Review
The bot is named Matilda?

Not really. Sadly Jason Aaron has himself a very boring issue because nothing much happens. More than once old man Nick Fury delays giving a direct answer which is incredibly frustrating considering how little he’s revealed so far. The developments of Dr. Midas are revealed a bit, but not much more than finding out he has some kind of plan. What that plan is doesn’t seem to matter to Aaron, he just teases what will assuredly not be revealed until the final issue. Surprisingly, Aaron seems to think revealing Nick Fury as a secretive person is a big reveal. Hell, even Cap seems surprised to find out a very sophisticated Fury bot isn’t him. He’s been playing this game for years guys, yet you think it’s such a surprise?!

There isn’t enough in this issue to warrant a purchase. Frankly the issue progresses so little you could read the last two pages and understand what’s going on. The rest is filler dialogue. The biggest reveal might be the reason Nick Fury wanted everyone to show up and learn the mystery behind everything, but it seems silly he’d think they’d do what he wants.

Is It Good? Original Sin #6 Review
Omg just answer the god damn question!!!

The art by Mike Deodato Jr. continues to be dark and heavy on the inks. Once again I don’t think Deodato’s art works the best when it’s crammed into tight spaces. In a previous issue for instance, there was a page showcasing heroes surrounding a building in daylight. It was gorgeous, lighter on the shadows and highly detailed. All these cramped shots make things boring and uninteresting. The level of detail in the art is exceptional as always though.

Is It Good? Original Sin #6 Review
Moody art.

Is It Good?

When it comes to mysteries, delaying the reveal (or even any details for that matter) can drive the reader insane. Give us clues or don’t do it at all. The plot progresses minimally here as well, making this a very skippable and frustrating experience.

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