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Is It Good? Storm #1 Review

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Is It Good? Storm #1 Review

Time for a brand new series from Marvel for a character who has probably deserved her own comic for quite a while now… Storm!

X-Men and to a lesser extent, Black Panther haven’t been my most read titles; however, this is a brand new series and I’m hoping it’ll tell me all I need to know about her. Plus, it’s got Greg Pak writing and Victor Ibanez drawing and that’s always a good thing! Is it though? Is it good?

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Storm #1 (Marvel Comics)


Meet Ororo Munroe, AKA Storm. She is a mutant, a princess, headmistress for some school for the gifted you might have heard about, and was once a queen at some point in time (which people don’t seem to like talking about).

Now, she is out and about stopping a gigantic tsunami from wiping out a village and then dealing with international politics. She then gets to deal with some school politics revolving around a student codenamed Flourish/Creep. She lives an interesting life, doesn’t she?

She is also very awesome as well.

Storm #1 does what a good first issue should do: it presents a main character, who’s fleshed out and likeable, and gives you a reason to care about them. Storm is fantastic and well presented in the book; she’s very likeable, wise, caring, has strong values and beliefs, but isn’t without her character flaws. Flaws are important, since they help us connect more with the character and makes them feel more human to us. (And also steers them away from Mary Sue status.) As such, Storm herself is great here because writer Greg Pak really gets her, so fans of the character should be able to love this book. Plus, new people not as familiar should come away liking her as well.

Story-wise, I would compare this to Black Widow or She-Hulk’s first issue. It’s a simple done-in-one that’s more about establishing the main character to the audience and getting them to like the lead rather than starting an epic tale or pushing boundaries that main character happens to be a part of. This whole issue is about getting to the heart of who Storm is and how she views or deals with situations. For what it does, it does very well and it leaves me interested in seeing more adventures with her. Hopefully, we get some bigger stories as time goes on, but for right now, this was a good start.

Umm… sir? Let’s not be a douche to the woman who stopped a hundred foot tall wave, alright?

Greg Pak’s writing is good overall. The pacing is good, the story structure is well constructed, and the dialogue and narration feature some good lines. I did like the touch of humor now and then in some scenes. The ending was also done well and left off on a good note (hopefully, that character will appear again in the future). All in all, it was a well put-together book.

The artwork by Victor Ibanez is pretty good overall. The artist really captures the grace and sophistication of Storm, along with her powers and emotions, without over sexualizing her. The rest of the cast looks good as well, though they become less detailed the farther they are in the back.

Storm’s powers and actions look splendid and well done, the coloring looked good, and the layouts were easy to follow (one page looked a bit off though). Ibanez at one time drew a few issues of Swamp Thing and you can definitely see some of the skill with how he drew plant life and plant-like powers being transferred here to the elemental nature of Storm. Good to know he hasn’t lost his touch.

Careful Storm, I think that’s the Avatar of the Grey. Best approach the situation carefully.

Is It Good?

Storm #1 is a great start for this new series and perfect for fans of the character, since the writer really understands and captures Storm’s character very well. The writing is solid and the artwork overall looks fantastic. If you love the character or have a passing interest in her, definitely give the comic a shot. This is just what you are looking for.

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