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Is It Good? Coffin Hill #10 Review

Comic Books

Is It Good? Coffin Hill #10 Review

Coffin Hill returns! Let’s dive right in; is it good?

Coffin Hill #10 (Vertigo Comics)

Is It Good? Coffin Hill #10 Review

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In the past, Eve Coffin is still investigating the Ice Fisher with Detective Greg Frost and trying to figure out whether or not her theory about the killer being a cop is really true. Meanwhile, in the present, Eve remains in jail for “killing” Detective Doyle Donovan and is starting to run into some hostility from the others there.

Is It Good? Coffin Hill #10 Review
Also, Bianca here is about to learn what happens when someone doesn’t follow the rules of Stranger Danger.

The story goes back to following several different storylines and subplots this issue, similar to Coffin Hill #8. The comic does a good job balancing all of these story elements well enough, with some minor exceptions here and there. For instance, at one point, Eve is attacked and nearly killed in prison by an inmate. For some reason, she thinks it was a hit put on her, but there’s no evidence or any indication to make us believe her. Maybe a bit more page time to explain why? Also, there are some points that don’t make sense given the timeline, when something is happening in the present compared to other scenes that could have been by placing a certain scene in the last issue. The ending is a bit confusing and feels rather out of nowhere. It’s just small stuff, but the story could have balanced or rearranged these parts and scenes a bit better.

Caitlin Kittredge’s story continues to be solid, albeit with some minor complaints to be had. Story progression was good enough with the storylines in the present, but it didn’t feel like we advanced the Ice Fisher part much outside of one point (That’s fine to me, since the story made a lot of progress with it last time). The characterization here remains fine for the most part, except for Bianca who seems to have grown to be an even bigger jerk and idiot between issues. The dialogue is fine and works here, though there is an odd line or two that sounds a bit off. The horror aspect of the comic still feels rather weak honestly and that’s been constant throughout the arc. Outside of one genuinely creepy scene, the comic isn’t scary at all.

Is It Good? Coffin Hill #10 Review
While you are checking that, just toss these pictures around the room in the meantime.

Inaki Miranda’s artwork is also pretty solid here, but I do have some minor nitpicks. The characters look fine and are drawn well, but there are some odd facial expressions that don’t convey the emotion the character is expressing. Also, there’s an odd moment where for one entire page Bianca is missing her face tattoos. The layouts are decent, the coloring is appealing as ever, when there is creepy imagery on the scene it is really creepy, and most of the time there are backgrounds (except in the more magic and action moments). One other minor thing was that in one scene where a woman gets stabbed in the eye, she has her mouth open and appears to be screaming, there’s no word balloon or even sound effect to convey that noise. It looks rather odd.

Is It Good?

Another solid issue of the series, even if it’s a bit weaker than the previous two issues. While there are some nitpicks to be had with it, the story and artwork is strong enough to overcome these problems and still deliver on a satisfying and intriguing experience. Definitely worth your time.


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