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Is It Good? Harley Quinn #10 Review

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Is It Good? Harley Quinn #10 Review

It’s been double the fun this past summer; each month we had two issues of Harley Quinn (June was the Director’s Cut for #0 and July was the and the same applies this month.

As such, here’s the next fun issue of the series, where Harley stumbles upon the underground world of Skate Club. Is it good?

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Harley Quinn #10 (DC Comics)


Welcome to Skate Club, the most violent roller derby ever. There are no rules, any weapons provided are up for grabs and legal to use against your opponent, and it’s kill or be killed. How convenient that this is exactly Harley Quinn’s type of game… and she’s super excited to get into the ring. However, her upcoming opponent may be a bit of a challenge…

I am going to kill the hell out of a lotta people!

This is a much more straightforward and well-constructed story than the previous issue (which was still good mind you). This issue is all about Harley Quinn at Skate Club as she pals around with her roller derby friends. It’s a lot of fun and really brutal at times (I know, shocking!). The story itself feels like a done-in-one, since everything is all wrapped up by the end, but it’s also setting up and progressing some new storylines (one in particular that has me honestly excited). So you have some good plot progression going on alongside a fun and zany done-in one story. Good times.

Palmiotti and Conner’s writing is as solid as ever. The pacing is great and never slows down and the storytelling flows really well — though at one point when the comic switches to a completely different scene it felt a little jarring. (It makes sense in the grand scheme and it transitions well enough, but it’s such a radical change in setting and tone almost that it threw me off until I realized what it was doing.) The dialogue is solid, infused with plenty of chuckle-inducing personality and great lines. The characterization is pretty solid like usual and I do like the new development with Harley and the Roller Derby girls and their burgeoning friendship. They all haven’t spent much time together in the comics, so it’s nice seeing that aspect get some focus. The humor is still pretty good and there were plenty of them that provided some smiles and laughs. Lastly, the violence, while brutal, never feels too dark like in previous issues. It’s still played in an over the top and ridiculous tone, so it never felt too uncomfortable for any reason.

Ever feel like sports are getting too violent these days? Yeah, me neither.

Just like last time, another artist from the Harley Quinn Comic-Con special draws this issue: Marco Failla. His artwork is alright and does the job, but it has some problems. His characters look fine, though they often appear older than they look with the overuse of lines in their faces. The action looks good, the layouts are decent, and the coloring is alright. However, there’s some oddness going on. I’m not sure who inks the book (the credits list no inker), but at points, the pages look like they have different inkers or inking jobs done, with lines look thicker or inkier apropos to nothing; not awful or a deal breaker, but it jumped out at me while I was reading this.

Is It Good?

Harley Quinn #10 is another delightful and enjoyable experience. As always; the writing is very strong, the humor hits most of the time with some great gags, and the artwork is appealing (even with all of the different artists we’ve had working on the book these past few issues). Still definitely recommended and I’m honestly excited for where the next arc goes, when Harley gets to team up with a certain someone.

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