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Is It Good? Batwoman #35 Review

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Is It Good? Batwoman #35 Review

So, back in August Batwoman came out and the Internet cried foul, absolutely hating the outcome of what Kate did and how the issue ended.

While I wasn’t one of those people, I can understand the frustration. With the latest issue out, can the comic redeem itself? Is it good?

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Batwoman #35 (DC Comics)


So, where did you think we’d end up after the kind of ending we had last issue? If you said, “With our title character Batwoman in space fighting alongside Clayface, Alice, Etrigan, and Ragman” then you’re either Marc Andreyko or you’re one messed up clairvoyant. The aforementioned crew has teamed up to fight Morgan Le Fay and her demons as they orbit the Earth. That’s certainly something.

Ever look around yourself and wonder, “How the hell did I get here?”

Now the main question you’ll be asking: So, why is Batwoman in space with all of these characters? That my friends is a very good question that deserves an answer…. it’s just a shame I don’t have one. In an extremely bizarre move that baffles me, the entire issue focuses solely on these characters fighting in space with Le Fay, but offers no context for it. Sometimes, an arc opens up with a flash forward to the future to get the audience’s attention… then the rest of the issue (and or next few issues) shows you the backstory and context for how they got there. Not here though; we get the big fight scene and a tagline at the end of the issue that tells you that the comic will explain all of this next time. This is a bad move from a story and comic perspective; unless the following issue was next week, it’s not a good idea to dump the audience randomly in the middle of a story without telling them what happened and then make them wait a month to find out.

This whole decision baffles me. Who are all of these new characters in the book and why should we care about them? I mean, we saw glimpses of them in the Futures End tie-in, but not enough to know or care about them or even know how they relate to the story. We know nothing about the conflict, so we can’t really get invested in it or care. We are simply left confused and puzzled about what exactly is going on, and for me personally, rushing through the book to find out if it’ll tell me what’s going on. I just don’t get it. Why was this a good idea? I’m not against the concept of Batwoman teaming up with these people or fighting in space unless you don’t explain anything!

Who dares not explain anything about anything going on here?

It’s hard to really even comment about the writing on this one. Is the characterization okay? How should I know? I don’t know where Batwoman’s character currently is at this point in time and I don’t know if the other characters’ personality are accurate, since I don’t know their motivations or why they are here. The pacing is fast, but who knows if it is glossing over something. The story structure is poor, since this issue feels out of order because again, we have no context and don’t know exactly where this falls into the story. The ending is anti-climactic, since we don’t know anything about the threat. Just a whole lot of “we don’t know”s because of this weird and baffling story decision. It’s definitely not helping by ignoring almost all of the already established characters and plotlines the book has had so far.

The last thing to mention is the artwork and I’m not really crazy about it. Georges Jeanty’s work could be fine, but not for a book like this. His action is rather weak, the layouts are boring, the designs of characters and demons are silly looking, and there’s nothing that really stands out in the artwork. Made worse is the fact that the book has three different inkers on it, making the book look inconsistent at various points. Such a downgrade in the art honestly. We went from J.H. Williams III and Trevor McCarthy to Jeremy Jaun and Moritart, to finally Jeanty’s work. How depressing.

I got nothing. Just look at it.

Is It Good?

Batwoman #35 was a major dip in quality for the book due to the poor decision of just dropping the audience in the middle of the story with no context or explanation for anything. If it offered something in the way of explanation, just anything, the issue might not have been so bad — but combined with that and the below average artwork, this felt like a huge letdown. Skip until you can get the next issue.

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