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Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review

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Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review

Spider-Verse Part 2 is here and boy is it a chaotic story indeed. What do you expect when it’s got over 20 Spider totems (those are Spider-Man, Woman and animal Spider-Man characters from different dimensions) running about? Moreover, is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man #10 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review

After reading this issue I can see there are two purposes of this series. The first is to use the dimension hopping Spider characters as a way to portal off into tie-in issues. More than once in this issue a character will hop into a portal and a box at the bottom of the panel will read, “check out what they do next in…” It’s a clever little way to add to the series, but not necessary if you only want to read the main event. The second thing it’s doing is telling one hell of an epic story. There are so many spider characters in this series, so many I don’t even know, that should tickle any fan’s fancy. On top of this, Superior Spider-Man fans are in for a treat because he appears to be a central character to the conflict at hand.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review
We need to start saying this more.

What’s good?

Let’s start with the good in this issue. Writer Dan Slott has composed a very complicated story, but it’s never confusing or frustrating. Every time a new Spider character pops in it’s fun and interesting, partly because you’re figuring out what their deal is and also because it’s fun to hear a new voice. It’s always interesting to see a new Spider character and, if you’re like me, try to figure out what their world must be like.

Slott has also not lost touch with elements he’s played with in this series. For instance, the pheromone-crazed Silk has a moment where she reflects on how she only feels lust for 616 Spider-Man. This might have implications on the story and surprisingly isn’t just a sexual comedy stunt but an honest to goodness detail that’ll reflect on the series as a whole. Meanwhile the main story progresses well and we learn who “the bride” is as well as an interesting turn for any clones. The inheritors also gain a new ability we did not know of and all in all the story becomes more complex well at the same time remains clear.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review
Scary looking wench.

What’s even better?

The art by Olivier Coipel is just astounding. The guy can draw what another artist would do with a very limp Spider-Man standing still and infuse him with raw energy and intrigue. Characters are always filled to the brim with kinetic energy, as if they are balls of rubber bands ready to strike. There are some dizzyingly detailed pages as well, with a ton of panels and a ton of characters to draw which make every page a delight and extend the value of the comic. In an age where 20 page comics are the norm, Coipel gives you back your money and then some.

Another great story element most of us were hoping for and finally get is Superior Spider-Man and the current Spider-Man coming to blows. The fact that they inhabit the same body is odd, but compelling and it’ll be great to see if Superior learns through this event what his fate will ultimately be.

Going back to how SpOck gave back the body to Peter, I felt cheated as it felt rushed and odd that SpOck would just give up. But through this series it appears we’ll be getting that emotional rollercoaster that was lacking from his perspective.

Okay, so what’s bad?

Coipel commits the sin of drawing Peter Parker to look exactly like Andrew Garfield on the last page. Especially weird when he didn’t draw him like that at all throughout the issue!

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #10 Review
Who doesn’t love these character shots?!

Is It Good?

This series only amps up the anticipation and excels more each issue. A fantastic part 2 that is filled with action, plot details and story progression!

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