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Is It Good? Justice League #37 Review

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Is It Good? Justice League #37 Review

Now that we are getting into the Amazo Virus storyline instead of just the prelude, things are getting interesting. Or, at least heading in a very promising route. Plus, with the addition of artist Jason Fabok, the story has not only read well, but it also looks really good as well. Let’s see if that can continue with the latest issue. Is it good?

Justice League #37 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Justice League #37 Review

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Batman and Superman have found Patient Zero, aka the first human to be infected by the Amazo Virus and be its incubator. The two of them need to get a blood sample from the former human-turned-monstrosity that Luther can use to create a cure. The trouble is Patient Zero is both wild and also rather strong… a very lethal combination.

Is It Good? Justice League #37 Review

This issue didn’t have much going on in terms of story. We’ve gotten past the setup phase mind you, but not much went on besides Batman & Superman trying to take down Patient Zero and Lex Luthor talking with a few people back at the camp. There was some story progression, but it mostly happened at the end of the book. Now, the comic was enjoyable to read and get into, but the decompressed story really made things go by really quickly, to the point where it felt like it ended before it began. A bit of a shame.

But like stated, the issue was still enjoyable and the writing on the book was good for the most part. The pacing on the book was really quick due to the more decompressed nature (very big panels and quite a few double page spreads), so you’ll be done with the issue very fast. The story structure and flow are both good, so the book is easy to read and follow without any bad transitions between scenes. The dialogue and narration are fine, with the occasional good line, some that even elicit a chuckle. The characterization is solid and fits everyone well, which leads to some good character-focused scenes like one between Lex and his sister. The writing overall is fine, but the story could have been a touch more eventful than it was.

Is It Good? Justice League #37 Review

The artwork looks great, just like in the last issue. The characters are very well drawn, both strongly detailed and expressive when they need to be. The action was very intense and exciting to look at, really making the fights enjoyable to watch unfold. The layouts are decent and even if there are too many double page spreads (seemed a bit gratuitous at points and sort of there just to pad the book out), they are drawn well, with an incredible amount of detail put into them.

Is It Good?

Justice League #37, while a good issue, is an issue that is rather light on story and feels a bit too decompressed in areas. The writing, characterization, and artwork are all very good though and do elevate it, but the comic could have benefitted from a bit more story. Oh well, it’s still worth your time and you should definitely still read it.

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