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Is It Good? Hulk #10 Review

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Is It Good? Hulk #10 Review

Alright folks, this is one of the issues of this new Hulk run I was eagerly anticipating. The confrontation between Doc Green and Red Hulk, who is my second favorite Hulk (due to Jeff Parker’s run with the character) right before She-Hulk. After Red She-Hulk was so easily defeated and tossed aside in a rather disappointing manner, I’m hoping for something spectacular and awesome here. Is it good?

Hulk #10 (Marvel Comics)

Is It Good? Hulk #10 Review

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There’s not much to discuss with the story here: Doc Green lures out Red Hulk. They tussle in California and in Doc Green’s lab. Red Hulk disappears. Green gets some data… and that’s it. Honestly, there’s not a whole lot to chew on here when it comes to the story and there’s not a whole lot of development either. It was a basically one big long brawl and that’s it. There was also a reminder that She-Hulk is in the story and a target, but she’s in no danger. Thanks to Hickman’s recent Avengers issue, we know she is still green and kicking butt.

Something else that’s a bit disappointing and is starting to feel more noticeable is with Doc Green himself. He’s an interesting character and decent villainous figure here, but honestly, he feels a bit… too invincible. Sure, he has some flaws and has been seen struggling to keep his more Hulkish side down on occasion, but when it comes to his plans and strategies… he always succeeds. He never fails or is unable to get what he wants in the end, even in this issue where it looks like Red Hulk wrecked him and his lab greatly, it is somehow a victory because he planned on luring him into the place to get his gamma ray signature or something. Of course, that raises the question about why he didn’t have his staff or A.I. off somewhere safely, but in any event Doc Green is starting to become a bit too boring if he wins all the time.

Is It Good? Hulk #10 Review

Regardless of the story and the main character, how was the rest of the writing on the book? It’s still fairly good and well-handled despite my issues. The pacing is decent, always keeping the action going. The story flow and structure are good as well, with no awkward transitions or anything similar. The dialogue reads very well at points, with some good and enjoyable bits of humor here and there. Character-wise, Matt Murdock is great and easily has the best moment in the entire book, while Red Hulk felt odd to me. Maybe it’s because I haven’t read many of the stories Ross has been in recently, but he seems like he is back to his old Hulk-killin’ and huntin’ self from the old days when he seemed like he calmed down a bit recently (again, referring back to my experience with him during Parker’s run). That could be just me, but it did stand out to me as I read it.

As for the artwork, it was pretty good. Like I said, the majority of the issue was one big long action sequence between the Hulks and thankfully, it turned out very well. The action was intense, easily to follow, exciting, and flowed very well from panel to panel. It made for an enjoyable experience despite the lack of story and did deliver on my expectations from a personal standpoint. As for the rest of the work, it’s okay. Characters and coloring look decent (though some characters suffer from having the same faces) and the penciling and inking all look good. It’s very superhero-y, for lack of a better term, but it all works out in the end.

Is It Good?

Hulk #10 is an good for what it is—one long action sequence featuring a really fun Hulk rumble, but it has some problems that hold it back. There’s not much to get from the story here and there are some problems with the characters. It’s certainly better than the previous issues and if all you wanted was some action, this issue should do it for you.

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