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Is It Good? Batman Eternal #48 Review

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Is It Good? Batman Eternal #48 Review

There are five issues to go my friends, and then Batman Eternal is at its end. With so few issues left, will we see the comic finally pick up? Let’s find out.

Batman Eternal #48 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Batman Eternal #48 Review

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Lead Writer: Kyle Higgins
Other Writers: Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ray Fawkes, and Tim Seeley
Artist: Fernando Blanco


Jason Bard is meeting the mayor now, trying to get Jim Gordon free from prison. He’s had a change of heart and now wants to release Gordon with the evidence he has now, knowing that guy can save the city. The mayor doesn’t want to, seeing that most of Gotham still doesn’t like him and it is an election year. However, Bard forces him to sign, not letting the mayor leave until he does so. Meanwhile in Blackgate, the Penguin receives a mysterious phone call. The person on the line says that he can reinstate him back at the top of the crime world if he takes care of one little problem during a riot he is about to cause.

Spoiler Corner

The Bat-Family, plus Bluebird, are fighting against many of the Rogues when Hush, now in control of the Batcave, shuts down all of their machines. All of them are now defenseless, which kind of sucks for Red Hood since he is fighting a roboticized Bane. Julia Pennyworth, on the other hand, surfaces outside of Gotham. She needs to get control of the Bat Computer once more and she may have an idea.

Batman, after his crash landing, hops a fence outside of an airfield and makes off with one of the fighter jets. He even leaves behind an IOU Bat Symbol.

Stephanie Brown meets up with Vicki Vale and demands to know why she hasn’t published anything about Jason Bard yet. Vale says there is no point and there are clearly other people higher above him. Brown tries to explain the situation to her, but Cluemaster shows up and kidnaps her before she can reveal anything. However, during the struggle, she leaves behind for Vicki a purple flash drive.

As Batman and the rest of the police force get the call about the riot in Blackgate, the issue ends with Jim Gordon being confronted by Penguin and a couple of large and strong looking thugs.


Well I’ll say one thing. It does feel like things started moving forward. There was much more happening than usual and the comic looks like it is starting to move towards a big conclusion with so much chaos going on. That does match the idea we saw at the very beginning of the series with Batman strung up on the Bat Signal as the city burns, so all of this does feel like endgame to a certain degree. Sure, we still don’t know who is pulling the strings here (money is on the villain from Court of Owls), but I’ll take what we get here. Also, the writing was nice and I did enjoy having Blanco again on art duties.

Best Moment

Is It Good? Batman Eternal #48 Review
Batman even has to personalize his IOUs.

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