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Is It Good? Harley Quinn #15 Review

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Is It Good? Harley Quinn #15 Review

I was disappointed that there wasn’t a regular issue of Harley Quinn during February (at least there was a Valentine’s Day special). It certainly left a noticeable void in my pull-list for the week.

However, Harley’s back on her regular schedule, so hopefully we can have some more fun again. Is it good?

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Harley Quinn #15 (DC Comics)


Harley Quinn’s been a busy girl lately and she’s starting to feel the effects of all that grinding; she has two jobs, a menagerie of animals to feed/take care of and an apartment complex to run on top of all her usual shenanigans. Plus, there’s been a recent influx in crime in the area and after acting all heroic with Power Girl, Harley’s been in a more vigilante/crime fighter mood as of late. Meanwhile, in other parts of town and New York, a number of women with their own problems are looking for a job. How will they figure into the story?

She headbutted that woman so hard that it actually rotted her teeth. Impressive.

For the first time in a long awhile, Harley Quinn feels like it’s starting to develop another big storyline, something that feels like it was building off of the Power Girl mini-arc, with Harley seemingly inspired by playing “hero” for a while. Harley Quinn #15 seems to be setting up for Harley actually creating her own vigilante group to help fight crime and handle things that she wants to be doing, but cannot do herself and the whole concept seems like a lot of fun.

As far as characterization goes, Harley Quinn herself is undergoing some interesting development; she’s still the violent and crazy woman we’ve come to know and love, but she’s been showing a lot more heart and desire to do good (in her own way of course) despite the pressures and duties she has in her life. Surprisingly serious development for a title like this but it works. The more serious direction means the humor took a bit of a backseat, but the bits throughout were still solid; I do hope the serious nature doesn’t stick too long but it’s not a bad change of pace. There are also plenty of new characters that have been popping up in the issue and they show a lot of promise already — I’m interested to see where Conner and Palmiotti take them.

Looks that guy there found something rather interesting looking in that Mad magazine.

The humor didn’t feel as strong or heavy as previous issue, due to the more serious bits. That’s not necessarily bad, since the humor was still pretty good, but I hope the book doesn’t stay too serious for too long. The ending on the book is pretty good and holds plenty of potential, especially if the book is going in the direction I think it might be heading.

The artwork feels like it is getting better each issue every time Chad Hardin draws. The characters really look expressive and unique from each other, the layouts are well put together, the attention to detail is nice and really helps bring the world to life, and all of the bits of humor (whether in the foreground or background) are great. The only thing that struck me as odd was the fact that John Timms stepped in to do a couple of pages for the books. I like his style and his work does look good here, but it doesn’t mesh well with Hardin’s style.

Is It Good?

Harley Quinn #15 is another really fun, but at times serious, issue of the series. The story seems to be heading in an enjoyable direction that could offer up plenty of potential for fun, wacky situations. The writing is fantastic and the artwork looks great as always. Highly recommended.

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