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Is It Good? Resurrectionists #6 Review

The storylines begin to converge as the 3,000-year old heist in-the-making begins to take shape. However, Pharaoh Herihor will not make it easy as the heist looks more and more like a job for Ethan Hunt. Is it good?

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Resurrectionists #6 (Dark Horse Comics)

Fred Van Lente delivers another good story in Resurrectionists #6. He takes a different direction from the previous issue where he focused on the characterization of Adele, the Heart, and Maya, the Double. In this issue, Van Lente focuses on story progression and team cohesion. There is one character who stood out in this issue in terms of character development: Lennox or Pharaoh Herihor. He never came across as pure evil. He was primarily motivated through power accumulation, however, in this issue he becomes completely sadistic and his evil is on full display. Van Lente uses glimpses into ancient Egypt to portray the pure evil emanating from Pharaoh.

Not only does Van Lente use ancient Egypt to develop Herihor’s character, he also uses it to reinforce the present-day storyline in addition to providing context surrounding the Resurrectionists’ first attempt at ending the Pharaoh’s afterlife. The similarities between ancient Egypt and their current day situation also hint at the well-known saying “history repeats itself.” Are the Resurrectionists doomed to repeat the errors they committed 3,000 years ago or will they finally succeed? These are questions Van Lente leaves unanswered, but questions he poses nonetheless.

This issue is chock full of action sequences and political maneuvering that begin to answer the questions from previous issues. Although, it also opens up a whole other set of questions due to a rather shocking plot development that catches you completely off guard. The action sequences and political maneuvering bring the team closer together, detailing the closeness of their bond both in ancient Egypt but also in the present day once they have been unlocked. The combination of the action sequences and the political maneuvering makes the book a quick read as you want to turn the page to find out what is going to happen next. It is definitely a page turner.

Maurizio Rosenzweig’s artwork is once again fantastic. He puts together some truly gruesome and creepy images depicting the mummification process. Our own David Brooke is going to have a field day with the splash images for Panels in Poor Taste. Can you say eyeballs? What makes these mummification splash images so good is Rosenzweig’s ability to channel the utterly horrific with the extremely creepy. Moreno Dinisio’s colors transform Rosenzweig’s artwork into a psychedelic wonderland of horror.

No matter how many issues I read, I still enjoy seeing the characters channel their past lives to accomplish a heroic feat. In this issue, Maya’s abilities are on display as she channels a pirate to commandeer a yacht just offshore. Not only is the character transformation unique, but it allows Rosenzweig to show off different clothing styles as well as ship design and architecture.

Van Lente ends the issue detailing what the previous five issues have been leading up to, their major heist, and boy will it be a doozy. Maker Tao will have to come up with a masterful plan as the Resurrectionists take on what can only be described as Mission Impossible. This message will self-destruct in five seconds. Good luck!

Is It Good?

Resurrectionists #6 is another solid entry in one of my favorite books on the shelf or, in this case, available for digital download. It incorporates history primarily focusing on ancient Egypt with excellent action sequences, political maneuvering, and a mix of Indiana Jones meets Mission Impossible artifact hunting. This issue primarily focused on the political maneuvering of both Herihor and Tao’s team; one being depicted maneuvering in Egypt while the other makes power moves in the present day. The maneuvering combined with actions sequences make for an exciting, fast-paced book that has you flipping through the book. If you haven’t checked out Resurrectionists, you should.


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