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Is It Good? Death Vigil #7 Review

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Is It Good? Death Vigil #7 Review

Bernie’s so-called follies are revealed as the Vigil recover from Wulf’s attack. Will the Vigil be able to find and rescue Bernadette before Maria’s plan is enacted? Is it good?

Death Vigil #7 (Top Cow Productions)


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It has been just about four months since Stjepan Sejic gave us Death Vigil #6. The city of New York was devastated by the battle between Mia and the Orach, leaving the Vigil stunned and Bernadette at the mercy of Maria and Wulf.

Sejic steps away from the jaw-dropping battle sequences and hard-punching action to get to the core of the characters. Maria’s desire to resurrect her dead child reveals her harshness and, ultimately, her lust for power. Sejic does a masterful drop, portraying this not only through Maria’s dialogue with Bernadette, but in her body language and facial features. He uses a fake, mocking laugh that transforms into power-hungry eyes.


Sejic also explores the softer side of Bernadette. She deeply cares about humanity and the smallest of failings takes a monstrous toll on her. However, she is able to bear the burden. She remains persistent in speaking the truth even in her subjugated state.

The most interesting character developments are Sam and Clara. Sejic gives us a glimpse into one of Sam’s most precious memories. It reveals the reason for his veilrippers taking on the shape of a pickax and shovel. It shows his determination and strength of will. Sejic explores Clara’s compassion and family-first attitude. She does what is needed to protect her family, the Vigil. This allows Sejic to further tease her necromancer powers, building up the mystery as to what else she can do and how her abilities will affect the forthcoming conflict.


Sejic continues to add layers such as Clara’s necromantic abilities that increase the depth of the world. He also explores the concept of necromancer powers being harmful to the Vigil not only with Clara’s abilities but through Wulf’s transition as well. He even uses Maria to ask major questions about Bernie’s past and the purpose of The Gifted.

Sejic’s artwork is once again top notch. There is one page where he uses a unique panel layout. The page begins with normal rectangular panels but the entire middle section of the page is a massive rectangle with smaller elliptical panels. It is a fantastic way to display a person’s memories and thoughts. It gives a sense of chaos and continuous motion. On the following page, Sejic transforms these chaotic memories into a more ordered process giving the memories rectangular panels. He is able to capture Clara’s focus in sorting through her target’s memories, bringing order to the chaos.


A minor note, but one I believe to be of extreme importance is his ability to show the transference of power from Bernadette to Maria. He does this through the use of one external feature, hair. Bernadette’s hair slowly loses its white appearance turning back to her natural black. On the other hand, Maria’s hair changes from brown to white. Sejic displays how the two are opposites.

Not to be overlooked, Sejic’s writing is really good. He is able to provide humorous moments in between extremely tense and emotional scenes. There is one scene where Clara is calling her friend to determine the location of her ex. It is a brilliant scene that anyone can relate to. You are in dire need of information. You know your friend has that information and you ask them point blank for it. Instead, they go on a rant about the craziness that is happening and how you call out of the blue. You get increasingly angry, demanding an answer. They finally understand you mean business and give you the answer. It’s a riot.

Is It Good?

Death Vigil #7 continues to add to the already amazing world and characters that Stjepan Sejic has created. Sejic drops a ton of information, building up mysteries that are yet to be solved. His artwork is absolutely gorgeous to look at and captures character emotions as well as the intensity of the situations. I can’t wait to see what Sejic has in store for the conclusion of Death Vigil. If it is anything like this issue, it is bound to be epic!

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