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Is It Good? Injection #2 Review

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Is It Good? Injection #2 Review

Intrigue and mystery build to a bone-shattering climax in Injection #2. But as this eclectic cast of characters begins to take shape, a question emerges: is it good?

Injection #2 (Image Comics)

Is It Good? Injection #2 Review

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The trio of writer Warren Ellis, artist Declan Shalvey, and colorist Jordie Bellaire return in top form in Injection #2. While the debut chapter was more of a techno-thriller, issue two sees the series shift gears into spy action. The issue opens as Maria emerges from the room that leads into another world. And while the other world is new to the readers, there’s a sense that Maria knows more about what’s going on than what is revealed.

The issue then transitions to the enigmatic Vivek. In a high-rise residence in Manhattan, Vivek carries an air of self-importance, though not without a bit of wit and savvy. When he receives a call from his associate Simeon, he lets slip that he has kept tabs on the exact location of all of the former team members, and begrudgingly offers to help Maria track down Rob. This sequence offers much of the issue’s humor, as Vivek’s idiosyncratic behavior plays nicely against Simeon’s pointedness.

The real star of Injection #2 is Simeon Winters. A member of the British Foregin Office, Simeon is an extremely well trained and well-equipped spy. The climax of the issue centers around Simeon’s attack on a group of men in a high-scale residence. The sequence oozes cool, as Simeon resorts to some brutally inventive weapons to take down his targets. The sequence is made electric by Shalvey’s beautiful choreography. There are a number of action films that could learn from Shalvey’s staging. Even in the chaos, the reader never loses sense of the geography of the scene or the objective of the combatants’ actions. At the same time, the framing and detail of the panels themselves creates a rhythm that prevents the book from being read too quickly. There’s a pacing here that allows for the action to feel kinetic without the issue itself feeling thin. It’s an electrifying sequence that gives the series a great sense of momentum going into the next issue.

In fact, the only real note of contention in Injection #2 is the cliffhanger itself, picking up from the shocking image of the debut’s ending. It isn’t shocking and it frankly feels out of place, considering the rest of the issue. That’s a minor problem though, in what is otherwise a stellar issue.

Is It Good? Injection #2 Review

Is It Good?

Injection #2 is a sharply written spy thriller, highlighted by an intense action sequence worthy of a Bond film. As Ellis stretches the world outward, Injection shows just how nimbly it will be able to move between genres. These fascinating characters are introduced to readers through their actions and their expressions, and Ellis’ script allows the audience to know them intimately in only a few issues. Declan Shalvey’s art, along with the expert coloring by Jordie Bellaire create a delectable reading experience. This issue has solidified Injection as a series not to be missed.

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