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Is It Good? We Are Robin #1 Review

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Is It Good? We Are Robin #1 Review

From the artist of Before Watchmen: Rorschach and creator of Suiciders, DC presents this odd new title from Lee Bermejo. It is called We Are Robin, a completely new series on characters not involving the Bat-Family or the Gotham PD from initial appearances. Is it good?

We Are Robin #1 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? We Are Robin #1 Review

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Following the events of Batman: Endgame, a young teen by the name of Duke Thomas is having a difficult time adjusting to his new life. His parents were caught up and used as bait during that event, becoming Jokerized and disappearing among the infected to this day. As such, Duke is being bumped around from foster home to foster home until they can be found. However, having no faith in the system, he searches for his parents on his own time. While that is going on, a group of teens seem to be watching him…

The first issue of We Are Robin was alright. Story-wise, it’s pretty light and doesn’t really do much until the very end when we meet a villain, have the Robin Gang enter the scene, and have the epilogue in the span of seven pages (the issue is bigger than usual). Those parts are all fine and handled well enough (though I’m iffy on the villain), but there’s not a lot to chew on with the story at the moment. I suspect the next issue will be where the plot picks up the pace and we start getting into the details behind this whole Robin Gang concept that the comic will mainly be about.

Is It Good? We Are Robin #1 Review

Instead, this is more of a character-focused issue, developing and introducing the audience to Duke. He’s a character who’s been popping up now and again during Scott Snyder’s Batman run (you saw him in the last part of Zero Year for instance), so it’s nice to see this recurring character get some attention. Seeing the character in action, Duke comes across as a troublemaker and someone who is constantly getting himself into problems, some of which are his fault. However, some of his behavior is understandable and you get why he is having trouble adjusting to places he moves into. He has parents that are missing and who could be in desperate need of help. It’s going to be interesting watching him develop over the course of this series, seeing how he matures and if he is able to find his parents in the end.

The writing is perfectly acceptable here, though not particularly noteworthy. Besides Duke, there’s not a whole lot of characterization in the book since not many others get focus or panel time (hopefully that changes soon). The dialogue and inner narration are good for the most part, though some of the narration can start to drag and feel overdone. Probably what is most disappointing is the fact that comic feels rather dull at points. It’s not very exciting since not a lot is happening and the character-focused areas of the comic are not fully engaging. Thankfully, things pick up at the end and with the epilogue at the end, they should renew a person’s interest in what is going on.

Is It Good? We Are Robin #1 Review

The artwork is split between several people. Jorge Corona does the artwork for the regular issue with Rob Raynes providing the breakdowns. Lastly, Khary Randolph draws the epilogue with Emilio Lopez on colors. Corona and Raynes’s work on the main portion of the comic is solid from start to finish. There’s a cartoonish vibe to it in the way the characters are drawn, but it fits the comic and doesn’t feel out of the place. The layouts are excellent here, really giving the book a sense of motion and movement throughout with how characters move and the story flows from panel to panel. The epilogue’s art is nice as well, fitting the tone and feel that Corona’s work provides.

Is It Good?

We Are Robin #1 is not a bad comic, but it’s one that could use a lot more work to improve things and more time for the story and characters to develop. Right now, the comic is pretty light on story and there’s not much in the way of this whole “Robin Gang” concept being explored. Sure, the writing isn’t too bad and the artwork is nice, but things could certainly be better. Before jumping on this title right away, perhaps wait a little bit to see where it goes first.

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