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Is It Good? Prez #3 Review

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Is It Good? Prez #3 Review

In just the past two months, Prez has rocketed to the top of my favorite comics of the year list. Everything is just so amusing and enjoyable to read, with a likeable main character and great sense of humor. With the third issue out, let’s see if the mini-series can keep this train rolling! Is it good?

Prez #3 (DC Comics)

Is It Good? Prez #3 Review

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Prez #3 is just as fun as the last issue. The story basically focuses on how Beth Ross is handling becoming president (how she starts picking her cabinet members and how people are reacting to her) and about a guy named Manny, who works at Boss Smiley’s company. While the story is rather light on progression and forward momentum (the issue finally ends with her being sworn into office), it’s very engrossing to read regardless. The cast of characters expands, you see more of America, and get a better idea of how Ross (despite being a teenager and all that) could honestly make a difference with how she is handling things. Manny’s tale, while seeming superfluous, does help remind you how bad things are for people and reminds you why Ross may be just the person needed to fix things. It’s a strong, well-plotted out comic that knows exactly what it needs to show and keep you enthralled.

Mark Russell’s writing doesn’t slack anywhere else either. While maybe a bit sudden with this acceptance of being the president in comparison to where she was in the last issue, Beth is still a great character and it’s really nice to see her want to make a difference. The new characters introduced, especially Mr. Wyzchek, look like they have potential to be pretty interesting and memorable in their own ways. The dialogue is pretty strong and has a lot of personality and humor to it, making it really fun to read. Speaking of which, the satire and humor are still incredibly strong. Almost every page has a great line or hilarious moment to it (Boss Smiley’s scene is amazing) or hits a pretty fun area of American culture and politics to rip on, touching areas like open-carry NRA individuals and pork bills for instance. Just a blast from start to finish.

Ben Caldwell still nails it when it comes to doing the artwork on the series. The characters still look great and have very well-drawn expressions to them, the layouts are easy to read and follow, the humor and imagery look great in the book, and Jeremy Lawson’s colors really add a lot more to the scenes and energy in the comic. The only thing that felt strange was one scene in the United Nations Lunchroom. Outside of the characters talking and the TV monitors, everything was completely white and not colored in. I have no idea why and it sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison to the rest of the issue when it comes to the art.

Is It Good?

Prez #3 is another fantastic issue of the mini-series, still providing a really fun and entertaining time. Its protagonist is great, the story is a lot of fun, and the humor and satire seem like they are always on point (to the point where it’s almost terrifying to think how close it gets to reality). This is quite easily one of the best comics DC or almost any other company has put out this year. I cannot recommend this comic enough and hope you check it out.

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