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Amazing Cosplays from Dragon Con 2015

Dragon Con is the king of cons for cosplay. If you aren’t in costume, you are the weirdo, and the cosplayers at this event do NOT mess around. Labor Day weekend in Atlanta is hot and humid and that doesn’t stop anyone from going all out! At this 4 day event you can geek out over basically anything in pop culture, including seeing major celebrities like Nichelle Nichols from Star Trek (the grand marshal of the Dragon Con parade), spend the entire weekend gaming, or going to panels with 70,000 of your closest friends.

So let’s take a look at some of the awesome cosplay on display! (DISCLAIMER: There are a couple photos of me in costume in here.)

Anastasia and her beloved Grandmama from the fantastic animated movie.

King of the Sea!

Loki doesn’t have time for your roller nonsense.

Baymax and friends from Big Hero 6

Hey, they are all Disney now! I love mashup cosplays.

Matt Murdoch, Avocado at Law.

Another obsession: historical fashion versions of characters. I need that hat.

Everyone hop on the bus!

Some amazingly detailed Captain America cosplayers

I’m very happy to see Joy, Sadness, and Disgust from Inside Out

It’s not Dragon Con if there isn’t a light saber battle happening.

Love the evening dress interpretations of these Marvel heroes.

Everything is awesome!

This Luna Lovegood had all the details down!

Genderbending cosplay has been around for a while, but I definitely saw way more male cosplayers as lady characters this year. Love this guy’s clever interpretation of Wonder Woman!

This perfect Mrs. Doubtfire even had the accent down pat, and yes, he was reaching for a lime in his purse.

Fandom also includes musical theater! My Fair Lady, anyone?

And ending on a pitch perfect note (see what I did there), the Tone Hangers! Sadly, they did not serenade me.


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