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The Disciples #4 Review

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The Disciples #4 Review

Time for a heavy climax. Are you ready? Steve Niles and Christopher Mitten wrap things up with The Disciples. Is it good?

The Disciples #4 (Black Mask Studios)

The Disciples #4 Review

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We’re on a moon of Jupiter and our protagonists are attempting to rescue a kidnapped woman. Problem is, this moon was converted into a cultist church and there appears to be some extraterrestrial life that’s none to happy they’re there. What is the deal with monsters not digging our presence? Can’t you share?!

Why does this comic book matter?

So far it has been all kinds of good as it’s spooky, creepy and filled with surprises. Horror fans should take note because it’s not everyday a horror story works when set in space. Plus, the art is gripping and interesting. Plus, who doesn’t like evil religious cult stories?!

The Disciples #4 Review
Those dudes are creepy as hell.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

This is a primo climax issue if I’ve ever read one. People die, monsters rise up and there’s a lot of running going on. It’ll be interesting to read this in a collected edition because I’m not sure it will be the most balanced. There tended to be a little bit of action prior—and very little explanation—but now it’s all about fleeing. That said, this is a fun read namely because there is a reveal that some may or may not have seen coming, plenty of monster goodness and great art to tie it all together.

Again, Mitten’s art is fantastic and really, there shouldn’t be an artist alive allowed to draw skeletons again. They’re creepy and filled with weird dust that gives me the the heebie jeebies. I really love what Mitten does with the pacing too, with plenty of close ups to enhance the action and give the impending doom meaning.

It can’t be perfect, can it?

Unfortunately it isn’t. Again, I’d love to read this in one long go, but as it is this issue feels very uneven. Character development goes out the window (really, it left a while back in issue #2), and it’s hard to feel anything for these characters. The fear on their faces is enough to get you through it, but I found myself wondering, “so what” more than once while reading this. I was also confused as to why there were floating corpses near the end, but I’ll leave that for you to decide and not spoil anything.

As good as Mitten’s art is I was taken out of the comic near the end with some incredibly digital looking moons that seemed to have been inserted after the fact. They look so fake and don’t seem to go with the environment around them.

The Disciples #4 Review

Is It Good?

Looking for action and monster goodness? Then yes it’s quite a good read. Looking for a deeper read? You could probably skip this one.

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