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Plutona #2 Review

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Plutona #2 Review

I quite enjoyed the first issue of Plutona. Maybe not the heaviest on story, but it did set up some good characters and leave off on a great cliffhanger. Let’s see where the comic takes us now that our young leads have found something in the forest that will change everything. Is it good?

Plutona #2 (Image Comics)

Plutona #2 Review

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Much like last issue, Plutona #2 is a good but slow issue. Besides the kids finding the body of Plutona and the decision they end up making, really not a lot happens here. It’s rather decompressed in some ways and uses a lot of big panels to fill out the pages, making things feel very light. Unlike the last issue though, this is a bit more disappointing, since you would hope for the plot to pick up the pace in a limited series like this one. Plus, nothing new is really revealed about the characters (besides maybe for one given the ending) nor do we get any big reveals. All in all, the comic really could benefit from having a bit more content going forward with this comic.

Despite this, Jeff Lemire’s writing is strong enough to bolster the comic up for the time being. The characterization is still fairly strong here and every kid feels unique from one another. Even if there is nothing too new about them to take away from the issue, they feel like fully realized and three dimensional characters, and you can believe in how they are reacting to the situation and to one another. The dialogue is engaging and feels natural enough in how the kids are talking amongst themselves. The pacing is fast since there isn’t a lot happening, but never too much so. It’s good overall, but hopefully there is more coming in the remaining issues.

Emi Lenox’s artwork looks absolutely fantastic here. The characters are drawn very well and are very expressive with their emotions. You can always tell how they are feeling from the facial expressions to their body language in how they move or hold themselves, really bringing out the drama and mixed feelings everyone is having currently. The layouts are good and even if they’re decompressed, they really do a good job of telling the story and providing weight to how the situation is affecting the kids (like in the final pages in the book). Add in Jordie Bellaire’s colors, which can bring out the mood of a scene very well, and you have a very visually pretty and at times, heavy comic.

Is It Good?

What Plutona #2 lacks in story it makes up for in strong writing, characterization, and artwork. It should start hurrying things up a bit more, but still leaves you intrigued after reading it. If this is the rate and pace the comic is going to be going at for the rest of the series, it may be more advisable to check out this story once it hits trades. However, it’s still a fine comic regardless and you should not be disappointed if you pick it up.

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