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Captain Marvel #1 Review

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Captain Marvel #1 Review

Captain Marvel is back in this issue #1, taking on a new job in space and still getting to punch giant things. Is it good?

Captain Marvel #1 (Marvel Comics)

Captain Marvel #1 Review

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Carol has taken a job as the new commander of the Alpha Flight Space Station, and faces challenges right from the start. She not only has a new team of pilots to take charge of, but she also has to deal with the fallout of her celebrity status and a second in command who doesn’t seem to like her very much. Her usual approach of punch first, ask questions later doesn’t help in negotiating garbage management, and her temptation to pass on the more desk job type of duties to divert asteroids isn’t making her friends.

And just when things seem to be getting under control, a twist causes Carol to start doubting everything she knows.

Captain Marvel #1 Review

Is It Good?

As a proud card-carrying member of the Carol Corps, I’ve been dying to get some good Carol back in my pull list and this book did not disappoint. Marvel obviously respects this character and her fan base, and has given this book a cracker jack team to start the new series.

I am particularly impressed with Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters—if it wasn’t in the editor’s note, I never would have guessed this was their first time writing comics. They did an excellent job giving us backstory without it dragging the story down, some solid character development, and high-flying action scenes. Most importantly, this feels like the Carol Danvers we know and love. This is Captain Marvel at her impediment-smashing, impatient, wise-cracking, impetuous self.

Captain Marvel #1 Review

They’ve also introduced a great cast of new and familiar characters to round out the book. I’ve always enjoyed Cap best when she’s surrounded by a solid ensemble and this group has a lot of promise. The team as a whole has also made the book diverse in the best way—there are plenty of ladies, characters of color and of multiple body types.

I love Kris Anka’s art and I really like how much fun he seems to be having. There are a ton of excellent little moments scattered throughout, like group of Alpha Flight folks taking pictures and selfies as Carol meets Puck. His take on Carol’s look is nicely strong, while still being pretty, and I thoroughly enjoyed them addressing her hair right from the start. My one nitpick with the art is there are some panels where his lines are soft, and the extreme sharpness of the speech bubbles makes those panels look almost out of focus in comparison.

I would recognize Matt Wilson’s colors anywhere, and his beautiful warm tones make the book feel incredibly inviting. He knows exactly how to balance his bold colors and there are some truly beautiful panels made more so with his color; the meditation tree is a particular standout.

As I read, I found myself grinning as I went along. This book is not only a great continuation of the Carol that Kelly Sue Deconnick drew many readers to, but it’s also an easy introduction to the character for new readers. I would have enjoyed this book even if I wasn’t already invested and I’m definitely hooked for what’s to come. Especially if we get that promised visit from Rhodey.

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