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Who Slipped Drake's 'Summer Sixteen' to Meek Mill Before Release?


Who Slipped Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen’ to Meek Mill Before Release?

Yesterday Drake premiered his first single from Views From The Six, his forthcoming studio album. ‘Summer Sixteen’ is a haunting song in which Drake retells the story of his beef with Meek Mill. He adds in some juicy new details about the night he released his second diss track, ‘Back to Back,’ as well as taking shots at Meek, Torey Lanez, Kanye and…Obama? Yes, Drizzy does call out the commander in chief for picking Kendrick over Drake in a hypothetical rap battle, but that is far from the most surprising line in the song.

In ‘Summer Sixteen,’ Drake claims that he is comparable to, or even better than, Jay Z. “I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella then I turned into Jay.” Woah, that’s some big boy stuff. Jay Z is one of the most popular and talented MCs of all time. Drake certainly has the sales to support his claim, but would any informed hip-hop aficionado entertain this notion? Meek Mill certainly wouldn’t.

Who Slipped Drake's 'Summer Sixteen' to Meek Mill Before Release?

Only fifteen minutes after Drake played ‘Summer Sixteen’ on OVO Sound Radio show on Apple’s Beats 1, Meek Mill released his second mixtape this month entitled 4/4 Pt. 2. The final and most exciting of the four songs released on the track, ‘War Pain,’ is yet another diss track sent Drizzy’s way, this time featuring a verse from Dreamchasers label-mate Omelly. ‘War Pains’ is an excellent song, certainly Meek’s most mature and refined diss track yet. Meek delivers several powerful lines boasting of his team’s fortitude and unity, and more still questioning Drake’s credibility as a rapper who claims of “starting from the bottom” when in truth he grew up in a middle class neighborhood in Toronto. Thankfully ‘War Pain’ leaves out most of the insecurity and misogyny rampant in Meek’s third diss track, ‘I’m Da Plug Freestyle.’

Among other bars tearing Drizzy apart, Meek questions Drake’s claim to being this generation’s Jay Z: “And you claimin’ you HOV now? Why you state that s--t?” This is crazy. How could Meek respond to a claim made fifteen minutes prior to this song being released? Seems, at the very least, unlikely. Sensing the confusion caused by his retort, Meek posted on Instagram that “The ghost writer told me!” insinuating that alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller slipped Meek the ‘Summer Sixteen’ lyrics before the song was released, allowing Meek to formulate an implausible diss track.

The ghost writer told me! 😂

A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

How much can we believe Meek? Who else from the OVO camp could have sent the lyrics Meek’s way? Here are our prevailing theories:

Lucky guess

Meek heard ‘Summer Sixteen’ at the same moment we did. He was ready to release his tape the moment after Drake’s single debuted but changed a line at the last minute. Perhaps he re-recorded the whole verse, perhaps he had left the space for a similar line the whole time, anticipating that Drake would debut something juicy that Meek could respond to.


I know I’m not the only one who found it dubious that Future would diss Meek in his mixtape and recent collaboration with Drake, What a Time to be Alive, and then go on to collab with Meek on Meek’s newest mixtape only a few months later. It’s not unlikely that Drake showed Future ‘Summer Sixteen’ pre-release, and with Future’s recent collaboration with Meek, his loyalty is brought into question. Could Future have sneaked Meek the lyrics? It’s tough to think of a possible motivation for Future to betray Drake, but I’m not ruling it out.

Who Slipped Drake's 'Summer Sixteen' to Meek Mill Before Release?

Quentin Miller

There is nothing more dangerous than taking Meek’s post at face value, but I do not think that Quentin Miller can be ruled out as a suspect. Although Miller has expressed the utmost respect and gratitude towards Drake in his earnest “ghostwriting” letter, he is still a hungry young rapper looking for attention. This is quite the publicity stunt for Miller, and Miller could just be taking advantage of it.

Nicki Minaj

Drake has had a long standing relationship with Meek’s girlfriend Nicki Minaj. Maybe in an attempt to appeal to Nicki to leave Meek Drake premiered his single to Nicki before he released it. She then betrayed him to demonstrate where her loyalties lie.

Who Slipped Drake's 'Summer Sixteen' to Meek Mill Before Release?

Meek’s just a genius

There was more than just the one line about Jay Z that suggests Meek had heard ‘Summer Sixteen’ prior to writing ‘War Pains.’ Maybe Meek had an incredible studio session and was able to bang out a stellar diss track in fifteen minutes. Seems unlikely, but I’m sure as hell not ruling anything out.

That’s all we got. Who do you think slipped Meek the lyrics? What was their motivation? Sound off below!

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