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Danger Girl:  Renegade #4 Review

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Danger Girl: Renegade #4 Review

This story started out with an Abbey Chase that was young and unable to protect herself; she’s been on the run since the day she was 10 and learned different languages, how to fight and how to steal. This issue opens with Abbey acquiring something that’ll get the CIA off her back, but she’s about to find out nothing is what it seems.

Is it good?

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Danger Girl: Renegade #4 (IDW Publishing)

Danger Girl:  Renegade #4 Review

Why does this book matter?

Andy Hartnell has written an exciting series thus far with fun James Bond references and a great sense of adventure. There’s a nice tie into Abbey’s past that’s compelling too. On top of that artist Stephen Molnar has kept the art looking top notch (especially his different renditions of various cars and technology) and the action is fun and easy to follow.

Danger Girl:  Renegade #4 Review

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Throw expectations out the window as Hartnell and Molnar have totally surprised me with where this story was going. Ultimately this issue spends a good deal of time setting up where the Danger Girl franchise is going, but that’s okay because it works to give Abbey a hard choice that helps build her character.

The opening chase sequence is quite good and any action fan should get a kick out of it its surprises. Molnar does a good job making it feel fast and dangerous. From there Molnar gets to draw quite a bit of dialogue heavy scenes and there’s a surprise villain that pops up who looks fantastic.

Danger Girl:  Renegade #4 Review
…packed opening!

It can’t be perfect can it?

After a good chase sequence and a quick fight (that we know will end a certain way) this issue does more to make you want to read the next issue than actually close out the story arc. This makes any answers as far as Abbey’s family and journey stunted and it feels as though they want you to perpetually read this series never giving you answers. That’s a bit of a bummer.

That said, fans of the series will love the surprises in these ending scenes, although those new to the series will be lost.

Is It Good?

As always this book looks fantastic, opens with a good chase sequence, but leaves you wanting more as it mostly feels like a preview for the next series.


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