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Postal #12 Review

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Postal #12 Review

This week brings us the conclusion of Postal’s third story arc, which sees Mark putting his plan for neutralizing Molly into motion. Is it good?

Postal #12 (Top Cow Productions)

Postal #12 Review

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  • Mark and Molly clean up nice, but this is still one hell of an awkward date.
  • …and awkward just morphed into unsettling.
  • Meanwhile, Sheriff Magnum seems to have learned that implied permission (aka the lack of refusal/rebuke) is the best way to get Mayor Shiffron’s approval for something.
  • Magnum and Mark is a team I’d like to see more of.
  • Not sure how this crazy old man named Dallas is supposed to help them, but okay.
  • Oh, that’s how.
  • It’s nice seeing Mark be sweet to Maggie.
  • …especially when he’s being the complete opposite to Molly. Good lord!
  • Dallas! Now I get it! *shudders*
  • Remember that thing I said about it being nice seeing Mark be sweet to Maggie? I take it back. *shudders harder*
  • Cool cliffhanger, but I’m still not over the previous image/events.

Postal #12 Review

Is It Good?

There are only two major drawbacks to this masterful issue, so let’s get them out of the way first. The cliffhanger is interesting, but feels incredibly out of place, especially when you compare it to how powerful the main narrative is. The plotline it spawned from has been explored a good deal (and in this arc), but not in this particular issue. That normally wouldn’t be too big a deal, but the main story is so all encompassing that what should have been a coda feels more like an afterthought.

I’m also not 100% sold on how well Mark’s plan to neutralize Molly worked. I don’t want to give it away, but I expected a bit more resistance from her.

That being said, Mark’s plan is totally savage. No joke–I actually felt sorry for the baseball bat-wielding sociopath. The fact that Mark pulls it off with such cool efficiency-tinged with just a dash of perceptible rage makes it even more unsettling.

Mark’s solution to the ‘Molly Problem’ is also a great parallel to the struggle his mother faces running the town of Eden. He may have fixed things for now, but it was accomplished by pushing evil down into the dark—and we all know how that can eventually turn out/completely backfire.

There’s normally not much left I can say about Isaac Goodhart’s art and Betsy Gonia’s colors except that they’re fantastic and continue to get better each issue. This time, however, some special praise is deserved for their rendering of Dallas. The character appears as frail as he is menacing, but not in the cartoony ‘LOOK HOW CREEPY THIS EVIL OLD MAN IS’ way. Writer Bryan Hill also gives Dallas a fantastic backstory twist that makes his ties to Eden (and the town itself) even more sinister.

Postal #12 Review

And speaking of Hill, the guy is killing it (pun intended) every month on this title. The dialogue is great. The characters are fascinating and believably evolve over time. The stories are highly enjoyable as both single issues and story arcs. And every once in a while, Hill gives us a moment (like the second to last page of this issue) that can cause every nerve ending in your body to curl back on itself. If you’re looking for a great comic, Postal is the complete package…

…okay, that mail pun may have been a stretch, but it’s also 100% true. Go buy Postal.


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