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The Lost Boys #2 Review

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The Lost Boys #2 Review

The Lost Boys, cult-classic vampire film from the 80’s, finally got a direct sequel last month, in a new six part comic. Santa Clara, CA, the “murder capitol of the world,” had returned to some semblance of peace and quiet with the defeat of vampire David and his master Max. The Frog brothers and the Emerson family, who dealt with the vampires, tried to get on with their lives. Of course, if everything stayed that way there wouldn’t have been much of a story and with issue #1 we found the blood suckers had returned to seek vengeance. Issue #2 picks up with the survivors of the film beginning to realize just how much trouble they’re in. Is it good?

The Lost Boys #2 (Vertigo Comics)

The Lost Boys #2 Review

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Last issue a group of vampires descended on the Santa Clara Vampire Association. Made up of older residents, including Michael and Sam Emerson’s grandfather, the SCVA was was wiped out by fang and fire. We pick up in this issue with Lucy Emerson having to identify her father’s corpse after the attack. Michael and Star try to comfort her, while brother Sam reviews some video footage from the comic store and finds one of the customers doesn’t appear on tape (Vampire!). The Frog Brothers, who were being trained as vampire hunters by Grampa Emerson, want vengeance and set out to destroy the vampire threat before it can harm anyone else. Star also fears for the life of Michael and his family and it seems she may know more about what’s going on than anyone would expect.

The story is still just unfolding, as last issue we where getting reacquainted with the characters from the film and the danger was mostly unknown, until the very end. Now that the pieces have been put in motion, each of the characters are shown dealing with the knowledge that they have to relive the nightmare they were lucky to survive the first time. Although there isn’t a lot of action yet, Writer Tim Seeley does a great job pacing the issue and making the pages fly by.


Each of the characters are given their own space, with the Frog brothers setting off to check the sunken hotel hideout vampire David used in the film, Michael torn between being there for his family and his relationship with Star, and Sam regretting lost time with his grandfather and his inability to recognize the threat before it was too late. Just like a horror film you’re seeing the little mistakes in decision making each character has, and how it could lead to a sticky end. Don’t run off in the woods by yourself at night, Star. Because, you know…vampires. But that’s what makes it fun and Seeley makes it feel like a true sequel. He does an especially good job with Corey Fieldman’s Frog brother character, Edgar, capturing his overly cocksure yet still inept personality.

Artist Scott Godlewski’s renditions of the characters make them easily identifiable to fans of the film. The vampires look menacing and the humans look fearful. He does a very good job conveying emotions on people’s faces and using body language to emphasize what they’re saying. The cover by Tony Harris is creepy cool, too. Colorist Trish Mulvihill makes the issue look dark, since it is night thoughout most of the story. This makes the colors really pop in certain panels, like when the Frog Brothers end up in an underground lake. The light sources, like the lamp in the Emerson’s family room and Edgar’s flashlight, look real and make the panel richer. Godlewski’s art and Mulvihill’s colors work really well together and gave the issue a great look.


Is it Good?

I really enjoyed the second issue. There is a good balance between what we don’t know and haven’t been told yet and letting the plot progress enough that you don’t feel like you’re still waiting for the book to get to the meat of the story. The unanswered questions about certain returning characters keep me excited for the next issue, while keeping me satisfied with where we’re at now.

I also have to apologize for a statement I made at the end of the last issue about a certain character. If only I had waited for issue #2’s last panel! Overall, you will probably enjoy the series more if you are a fan of the movie, like I am. If you are, this is shaping up to be a worthy sequel, with an engaging story, and not relying on a simple cashing in on the name of the film.

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