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Infamous Iron Man #4 Review

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Infamous Iron Man #4 Review

Doom has always been a character that is either a bit fun to write (see the late 80’s FF run) or a bit of a crazy ride to write (see the original Secret Wars) but even at his craziest, he had some grounding. Some idea as to how the world works, and even his very odd place in it.

Infamous Iron Man decided to upset that world and to show us a Victor with a far different aspect to his existence than we’ve ever seen. The good that comes of that is we see his anti-hero side, as he does good by doing bad. The bad? He kind of seems socially inept? Let’s talk Iron Doom.

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Infamous Iron Man #4 (Marvel Comics)

INFIM2016004_int2 5

I’m still a fan of this run, and honestly like Iron Doom more than the weird Iron Man we’ve been seeing since the first movie with RDJ’s face but Stark’s backstory. But he seems like he’s on the autism spectrum a bit–not just from his intelligence, but from his inability to understand that everyone hated him, and still does even if he’s super nice to puppies now.

It’s one thing to be an all powerful dictator of a country who uses magic and machinery to keep your world strong and your enemies out, but this exchange:

INFIM2016004_int2 6

Is this Peter Thiel as Doom? Slightly odd fellow who seems to think that if he wants it to happen, then it happens? (note to Peter: don’t sue me, sue Marvel). This pulled me out of the book completely. I get that he wants the world to recognize that he’s doing good now. I also get that in a world where the guys who are total mass murderers (e.g. Wolverine/Sabretooth/etc.), are often looked to as a heroic example, this line might seem blurry.

Still, HE’S DOCTOR DOOM. Think of the years of toil and hard work and study it took him to make Latveria a reality. Think of his ongoing constant struggles with Reed Richards, and now the memory of Reed! He should know better that this is not going to be a “show up, do good, get invited to Avengers Beach Bingo” situation.

INFIM2016004_int2 7

Hi. I’m Doom. I no longer demand things, or refer to Doom as Doom at all times, and I’d like you to be nicer to me because I’m going to save people. Granted, I will do horrible things to bad people, destroy property, and be a villain for other villains, but hey–I’m helping you out, right? I just don’t get it. He’s smart, but this detached smart? With Reed gone, and nothing left to prove is he just too calm? I want cranky Doom back.

Okay, with that out of the way – here’s some other high points:

Maria Hill is awesome. There is no way someone with that sense of humor or Friends-like delivery would be in charge of a super secret CIA like program, because I think they beat humor out of you, but I love her and she stays.

Doom’s armor is fantastic, and seeing him in Latveria shrugging off everything thrown at him with magic and with tech is like a Shadowrun dream come true.

However, I don’t know where this evil Mom thing is going, and I’m not a huge “magic” fan in comics, so I’m crossing fingers this gets out of the first arc and is pushed aside for more asskickery.

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