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Justice League #19 Review

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Justice League #19 Review

”Timeless” part 5 kicks off today and the heroes have the bad guy on the ropes. Well, one of them at least! A new threat emerges and she wants all heroes destroyed!

Justice League #19 Review
Justice League #19
Writer: Bryan Hitch
Artist: Fernando Pasarin
Publisher: Publisher

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So what’s it about? The full synopsis reads:

“TIMELESS” finale! In the unbelievable conclusion, the Justice League reunites to discover they’ve been deceived. How can Earth’s greatest heroes save the world when everything they know is wrong?

Why does this book matter?

Bryan Hitch has been telling an epic tale that spans all time and space making it feel worthy of the powerhouses that are in the Justice League. On top of that, he’s been developing the Infinity Corporation characters in subtle ways which will pique your interest!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Justice League #19 Review
Is it just me, or is it unnerving to see Batman flying?

Tempus got his butt kicked last issue and boy do the Infinity Corporation folks kick it again in a big way. Hitch writes another exciting issue here with a few twists and turns you may not have seen coming. Tempus makes an appearance again (albeit as a giant hologram head) and his inclusion makes for an edge for our heroes in a pseudo-science sort of way. Basically put, Hitch manages to make all this science gobbledygook make some sort of sense and that includes the time travel stuff too. After sending all the heroes into different times he’s also created a pretty cool structure to hang the action and climactic battles on too.

Fernando Pasarin draws another amazing issue too. Get this guy on an event series already! Each character is well rendered no matter how many appear in a panel, the technological structure Tempus created is wickedly cool and all the action looks phenomenal. For three dollars this series is a steal in part because the art is so detailed and well rendered. In an opening double page spread for instance, Pasarin draws Superman and Batman facing off against the new threat, with the Tempus structure behind them and multiple planets hovering out in space beyond that. There’s incredible depth in this double page spread that’s impressive. That’s not even mentioning the detailed rubble Superman lands in.

Justice League #19 Review
An awesome page.

It can’t be perfect can it?

Given all the neat science fiction explanations for things it’s a tad disappointing to have the heroes solution to stopping it being to punch it. That’s what these characters do after all, but it makes the resolution slightly uninteresting. The unsatisfying feeling doesn’t wane either when a character proclaims all the heroes will be lost in time forever. And then…well that statement doesn’t stand (as you’d expect), but there’s no real explanation for it.

Is It Good?

This is big action, big stakes, and big art combined into a blockbuster level series. Bryan Hitch knows what he’s doing because there isn’t another comic on the stands that’s this big in scope and ideas.

Justice League #19
Is It Good?
This is a fun issue with fantastic art and big action, but don't expect the resolution to be anything more than superhero stuff.
Gorgeous issue that's rendered in high detail with impressive action
The big science fiction ideas are explained in a great way
All the heroes get a chance to do their thing
Resolution to win the day is so simple!
A statement is made the heroes will be lost in time and then...not...for reasons?
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