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Trinity #10 Review

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Trinity #10 Review

Trinity has been a joy to read mostly because it honors the three biggest heroes of the DCU. It has also connected them in surprising ways and makes a case that together they are meant to protect our world. Call it fate. Cut to the latest issue, where they’re the only ones that can save our planet and the rest of the Justice League from total annihilation.

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Trinity #10 Review
Trinity #10
Writer and Artist: Francis Manapul
Publisher: DC Comics

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

“All Along the Watchtower” part two! The Justice League Watchtower is infested. The world’s greatest heroes have been infected. And as their HQ hurls to Earth, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are faced with the difficult decision of destroying the Watchtower and their teammates to save the Earth.

Why does this book matter?

Francis Manapul is back on art and writing which means we’re back to the series creator and ultimately the spirit of the book. Add in the fact that this story has the team facing off against an unknown alien threat that they probably can’t trust and there’s some major quick thinking required for them to save the day.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Trinity #10 Review
You don’t normally see Batman so freaked out.

Speaking of quick thinking, Flash ends up being a major facet of this issue as Batman attempts to save Cyborg’s life while Aquaman attempts to kill Flash. Arthur’s been taken over by some kind of alien symbiote and he’s not looking so hot; four eyes, lots of teeth, and no way to stop himself from choking Flash. The issue opens with this altercation while Superman and Wonder Woman attempt to reason with an alien. He wants them to choose between saving everyone on Earth or the Justice League team. As Manapul cuts between the two stories a case could be made the characters are faltering because they aren’t together.

The art is simply gorgeous. There’s a Darwyn Cooke vibe here and there while reading this book that imparts a classic feel for the characters. There’s a cool use of double page layouts, with a big splash on one page and panels jutting off them that makes the art that much more easy on the eyes. The design of the alien is particularly fascinating, at one point his form opening up so as to show a screen to Superman and Wonder Woman. The use of color is exceptional too, with a lot of blues used early on, and then to close out the book reds seemingly to convey death, growth, and a very bad turn of events. The final page closes with a splash of Wonder Woman that’s dramatic as hell.

Trinity #10 Review
Say uncle!

It can’t be perfect can it?

This is one of those stories that would do best read in one sitting rather than in single issues. That’s because there’s more to the alien threat than we know, and that twist is going to make the story as a whole more satisfying. Because we’re in the dark with that part of the story, the hero’s actions seem extra bumbling. Surprisingly Batman has no way of saving the day or turning the tide in this issue, Flash is too weak to do much either, and Superman even struggles in his moment of heroics. To add to all that, Wonder Woman essentially walks right into a trap. This is one of those table setting issues getting all the characters in place to face impossible odds but no show of heroics to root them on. Considering the biggest threat is not knowing what to do there’s a lot of waiting around and narrowly escaping here. That’s not very fun to read.

Is It Good?

Despite the fantastic art and striking conclusion this issue seems to be biding its time for the next issue to offer some heroics worth rooting for. As it stands, this issue takes a bad situation and makes it worse, but doesn’t add a lot to the story making this issue skippable.

Trinity #10 Review
Trinity #10
Is it good?
A gorgeous looking issue that casts the heroes in a bumbling sort of light.
Some truly epic looking art
Interesting info on the aliens and a whopper of a conclusion
The heroes kinda suck and don't do anything right
At the end of the day you could skip this and read the next issue just fine

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