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Avengers #9 Review

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Avengers #9 Review

Avengers focuses on Thor after she was banished by Captain America, but the real scene stealer is a calm alien who writes down his adventure.

Avengers #9 Review

I love Mark Waid’s comics in part because he’s so good at capturing characters’ voices, but also making each issue feel meaningful to their bigger story. They might be fighting the Kree for the 50th time, but by the end the characters grew, or learned something new at the very least. This issue is Thor-centric, a character who you know will gain a little knowledge by the end. Or at the very least, we’ll respect her more.

So what’s it about?

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Why does this book matter?

Technically a tie-in to Secret Empire, this issue actually serves to just explain where Thor was banished to and nothing more. That means if you’re not reading the main event don’t worry. It’s also drawn by the always fantastic Mike del Mundo.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Mark Waid opens this issue with captions from an alien we’ve never seen before. The entire story is told via these captions as he describes what happened the day Thor showed up in the viscous fields and the days after when they teamed up to face a mighty threat. Waid captures the voice very well, and gives him good reason to doubt Thor is a god or even sane, which helps bring the story down to a relatable level. As he tells the tale, Waid infuses the story with bonding moments between the two, some laugh out moments, and a arc all its own that’ll make you wish the tale never ended.

Avengers #9 Review
I’d be scared too.

As is customary from Thor writers these days, Thor once again shows she is more than worthy to wield the hammer. She’s downright awesome in this issue, doing whatever it takes to win and do the right thing. That includes stopping a lightning bolt with her bare hands. It’s very cool, and the issue adds to the value of the character.

Mike del Mundo dazzles as he always seems to these days giving the alien that narrates the tale a very unique look you’ve never seen in an alien before. There’s a great use of blur throughout the issue, which gives even the smallest of panels a cinematic look as if the camera is focusing. In quite possibly the funniest scene I’ve seen in comics, Mundo shows a puking Thor with a hilarious look on the alien’s face. Some people just can’t hold down their yellow goop.

Avengers #9 Review
A goopy one!

It can’t be perfect can it?

How this book is sold, as an Avengers title, as a Secret Empire tie-in, is very misleading. If anything this should be a one-shot in The Mighty Thor, but heck who can argue when it’s told so well? Maybe as an annual issue, but I can see folks harping that this isn’t what they were expecting.

Is It Good?

What an excellent done in one issue that focuses on Thor, increases your respect for her, and showcases the incredible creative talents of two masters. Enjoy this, as a heroes’ tale isn’t told this well everyday.

Avengers #9 Review
Avengers #9
Is it good?
Thor steals the show as the most worthy of them all.
Told very well from the perspective an outsider alien we've never met
Thor is so damn badass!
Fantastic art from del Mundo that utilizes blur very well
Doesn't tie-in really, nor is it really an Avengers book, but oh well it's good tale!

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