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Unboxing/Review: Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-Gwen Revoltech action figure

We unbox the Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-Gwen which, if you preordered, should be arriving soon!

Amazing Yamaguchi Spider-Gwen
Publisher: Revoltech


The Amazing Yamaguchi figures have been excellent with some of the most poseable figures to hit store shelves ever. Don’t believe us? Just see our Spider-Man video review and our Venom video review to see what we mean. The Deadpool was also fantastic and that made us want the very next Amazing Yamaguchi figure to be released, which is none other than Spider-Gwen!

You mean it’s just as poseable as Spider-Man, but with the awesome design creators Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez put into her? Giddy-up!

Check out our unboxing/review below to see what we thought as we opened it:

So overall, we weren’t super impressed with this toy! It has a lot of failings and seems to have fewer perks than the other figures. Maybe if it was half the price it’d be a buy on sight, but at $50+ it’s hard to recommend this toy. Luckily, the Marvel Legends toy can serve as the primo Spider-Gwen action figure for the time being.

The subpar Spider-Gwen won’t stop us from getting the upcoming Wolverine, mind you, but it’s certainly concerning for the future of these American Comics series toys!

Is it good?
A good paint job and some nice sculpting of the webs in her costume do not make a great figure! Unfortunately, there are some failings with this toy, but if you love posing your figures you gotta have it nonetheless!
The paint job is awesome with some great sculpting of the webs into the suit itself
Can bend in a lot of ways and is very poseable
The cellphone is a nice touch and it's quite detailed
Nice to have a few different heads...
...but god is that unmasked head ugly!
The hip area seems a lot different from the Spider-Man toy and looks extra awkward in certain positions
Not a lot of extras with just 3 webs and a bunch of hands
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