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Unboxing/Review: SDCC 2017 exclusive Thor Marvel Legends set

We got our hands on the SDCC 2017 exclusive Hasbro Marvel Legends Thor box set.

There’s something about an exclusive that adds a psychological value to a thing. You know it’s rare, you know you’re lucky to get it, and if you pull the trigger you’ll be envied by many! Well, we pulled the trigger and bought the Marvel Legends SDCC 2017 box set. San Diego Comic-Con may have just ended, but we couldn’t wait to dig into this box set. Check out our video review/unboxing below to see our quick-hit thoughts.

Overall, this set is well made and the packaging is out of this world good. Seriously, walking around San Diego with this box got us a lot of leering eyes pointed our way. In all honesty, we weren’t hyped for every figure in this box (we wanted Jane Foster mostly), so some of these figures were a meh as far as desirability. That said, they’re all well made and the set as a whole, for $108 doesn’t feel overpriced at all. That said, if you’re dying to get these figures you can find it on right now for $200.

Is it good?
A good collection with excellent box art and well-made figures. Depending on your desire for these you'll either love this or simply think it's good, but not quite worth the purchase.
The box art is amazing and the design of the box in general is out of this world
Jane Foster Thor is excellent and her translucent hammer is great too
Good detail throughout each of these toys
Lacks alternate heads and not a ton of accessories
Some of these figures we weren't super jazzed about
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