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Injustice 2 #7 Review

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Injustice 2 #7 Review

A superhero wedding and a funeral in the same issue? That makes ‘Injustice 2’ #7 an issue you can’t miss.

From bagpipes to church bells, Injustice 2 #7 takes our heroes to one of the darkest places you can be, and then takes them to one of the happiest places you can be. There aren’t many superhero funerals or weddings this close together but when there is you know it’s an issue you shouldn’t miss.

Injustice 2 #7 opens up with the heartbreaking funeral for Ted Kord where we get to see an intense conversation between Bruce Wayne and Jaime Reyes (the current Blue Beetle). This conversation leads to Bruce telling Jaime that he knows exactly who he is (which is expected from Batman). This was a nice callback to last issue where Batman met with Ted Kord and asked for Blue Beetle’s help. It was an emotional scene to read with Jaime acting out of aggression after losing his mentor and offering to help Batman with his next mission to take on the people who murdered Ted Kord.

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At the funeral there’s another emotional scene with Green Arrow and Black Canary that was very moving, although I find it really hard to swallow this love between Oliver and Dinah. Dinah is shown mourning over the grave of Oliver Queen from her Earth, and so the current living Oliver explains to her how he’s jealous of the time the dead Oliver got to spend with her; this creepy sentiment leads to living Oliver deciding he doesn’t want to waste anymore time and asking Canary to marry him the next day. Result: I think it’s weird that Dinah just got engaged with another Earth’s Oliver. I understand she loved the original but I just feel it’s strange because they’re not the same person just because they look the same.

Injustice 2 #7 Review

The wedding was definitely the highlight of this issue and had everything you needed in a great comic book story. You get to see familiar faces like Wildcat make an appearance. The chemistry of both Dinah and Wildcat felt very genuine — like a true father and daughter story. In the midst of all this romance Batman suddenly leaves due to a distress call from Wayne Manor and when he arrives it’s one of the most chilling images you’ll see in a comic all year. His son Damian and his team have dug up Alfred from his grave, with Damian holding the former butler’s lifeless body. This sends chills down your spine and breaks your heart at the same time.

Injustice 2 #7 Review

Tom Taylor once again nailed the story and delivers another masterpiece. I feel like every time I read an Injustice 2 comic, it’s my new favorite issue. It’s really hard to find a series that stays this great every consecutive issue. Most impressive is Taylor’s always perfect dialogue that never comes off as corny or unrealistic. He makes you believe every word that comes out of these characters’ mouths.

Bruno Redondo as always gives his best by making every character look like they belong together. There’s always times where characters are drawn differently than others and they look like they were photoshopped in, but that’s never the case with Bruno. The colors by Rex Lokus were also impressive and really made this issue pop. The lighting from the windows in the scenes with Dinah and Wildcat were outstanding.

Is It Good?

Everything you need in a great comic is all here in the Green Wedding. From action and romance to funerals and grave-robbing, every issue of Injustice 2 does the unthinkable and tops the last. You cannot pass this one up.

Injustice 2 #7 Review
Injustice 2 #7 Review
Is it good?
Injustice 2 #7 is the most must-read issue of the series so far.
Everything about the Green Wedding was perfect and fun. Seeing Ted and Dinah reunite and then seeing the wedding go under attack was just a good time.
As dark as it is, I really thought that Damian with Alfred was the moment that I enjoyed the most because it caught me off guard and left so many possibilities open for future storytelling.
Minor complaint but it's still taking me time to get used to Dinah and Oliver. The thought of her just swapping to a new Oliver just makes me cringe.

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