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Justice League #26 Review

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Justice League #26 Review

The Justice League’s kids are none too happy with what the world has become, but who is to blame?

The “Legacy” storyline from Bryan Hitch and Fernando Pasarin kicks off this week, which we previewed only a few days ago. The big takeaway? The Justice League’s kids are the main characters! Hitch continues to play around with time travel in a big way, but is it good?

So what’s it about?

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Why does this matter?

Pound for pound, Hitch has written one epic story for the Justice League after another and he’s very good at making the stories feel bigger than most. That’s important, as the team faces huge threats on their own and should probably only be teaming up for the time-altering, end of the universe type stories!

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Justice League #26 Review
Nice costumes.

This issue drops you right into the thick of things with the Justice League’s kids, all of which have clear details or symbols tying them back to their parentage. I suppose they really love their parents and their legacy, right? Well, in fact, it’s the Justice League’s fault for an end of days scenario, which Hitch has been hinting at for some time. It all deals with messing with the time stream and you get a sense from this story Hitch is closing out the bigger time-messing arc here. As you get your bearings, Hitch does a good job relaying details about these characters and what is going on through dialogue. This all leads to the now, which adequately sets up a confrontation by the end and a good sense of where the story is going.

As with any superhero story involving kin, it’s quite fun to see the personality of the heroes in their children. The costumes are a nice touch too, which will make your imagination race. A male wearing Wonder Woman garb? Now that’s neat!

Pasarin draws yet another sharp and detailed book. I can’t get over how epic he can make a full or double page spread. In quite possibly one of the best double page spreads of the year, Pasarin draws Sovereign tearing through a building on fire to reach the Justice League’s offspring. THe amount of detail in the rubble, fire, and costume of Sovereign is incredible. It’s art like this that adds additional value simply because you’ll be ogling the page a little longer.

Justice League #26 Review
Who dat?

It can’t be perfect can it?

If you haven’t read Hitch’s previous stories concerning the Infinity Corp you might be a bit lost, but truth be told piecing things together is part of the fun in reading a comic like this. That said, the mystery of who they are and when they are is never really explained outright, which can be a tad frustrating. Just tell us the things so we can understand what you’re doing man!

When the Justice League do show up they stand around quite a bit, talking about their duty and what they could do better. It’s your standard convo really, and it goes down a path we’ve seen quite a bit, which is namely, “We need to enact a martial law (more or less) so as to prevent bad things from happening!” Obviously, you can see where this is going.

Is it good?

A good opening issue, though there are more questions than answers and it bides its time to reach the cliffhanger. I’ll be reading more of this just to see how Hitch adds to his time travel stories, but I’m cautious!

Justice League #26 Review
Justice League #26
Is it good?
A good opening salvo to a story that is taking too much time to get going.
Looks gorgeous with epic written all over it
Interesting to see the JL kids
The richness of the story will require you read previous Hitch JL books
Drags its feet when it comes to reveals or details and ends in a unsurprising cliffhanger

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