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Suicide Squad #23 Review

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Suicide Squad #23 Review

Batarangs and mallets galore!

Batarangs and mallets galore! Suicide Squad #23 is an issue that takes you on a wild ride as the Suicide Squad has to go and take down active Justice League of America members, Killer Frost and Batman. Every issue so far is a step in the right direction but this one in particular is the one that really changes how the game is played.

Right from the start the Suicide Squad is given their mission to take down Killer Frost regardless of Amanda Waller and Batman’s agreement that she could go free to work with Batman and be an active member of the Justice League of America. This is an intense way to start the issue–really fun because you know the Squad is going to get into some trouble especially if they’re going after a partner of Batman’s. Killer Frost shows some signs that her killer side might not be too well hidden away–when she takes on El Diablo, she shows no mercy. Her character shows off some old traits which I can only assume may come back to bite her back when this is all over.

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Suicide Squad #23 Review

This feels like a Suicide Squad issue that takes them back to the roots. There’s no mole in the group that they need to uncover, there’s no inside drama that has that team going after each other. This is a team going after their mission and that was the most fun part about this issue. El Diablo is seen with the Squad and that one caught me off guard because he hasn’t been an active member of the group since the Rebirth run started. The Rebirth team almost mirrored the Suicide Squad film with the exception of El Diablo so him joining this mission was really exciting. Minor complaint but not a big deal at all, but there was very little use of El Diablo even though there was good reason. I just got my hopes up that he’ll return as a regular member and then he was gone so quickly.

Not too much is shown of Amanda Waller and The People other than a short conversation explaining how she needs to get rid of all super-villains. This story is taking a crazy turn and is affecting how Amanda Waller runs things. Not sure if this is why she’s sent her Squad to take on Killer Frost and Batman but that can’t be the only reason. There’s never anything simple about Waller; she’s always planned ahead and keeps her secrets hidden till the right moment.

The entire issue is action-packed, and when Batman shows up to defend Killer Frost against the Suicide Squad it’s a hell of a good time. Everything you want in a Suicide Squad vs. Batman story is right here and it’s amazing. Every character is used properly in this issue; even if it’s for a short time, you get everything you need from everyone. The story feels like it’s back to its roots especially now with Harley Quinn in charge and taking this role seriously. Every issue seems to just get better and take great and unexpected turns, and the art is amazing along with the colors that really pop and show off every detail. Every page is a perfect example of what a comic book should Look like.

Suicide Squad #23 Review
Suicide Squad #23
Is it good?
The entire issue is action-packed, and when Batman shows up to defend Killer Frost against the Suicide Squad it's a hell of a good time.
Batman showing up and fighting the Suicide Squad was a ton of fun and both sides showed off their abilities and characteristics.
Killer Frost showing off her dark side again is a game changer and leaves some doors open for future storytelling.
Even though it was for a purpose I wish El Diablo had more to do. He seems like a bench-warmer now and only shows up for background entertainment.

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