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Thor vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe #1 Review

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Thor vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe #1 Review

I can see why some folks aren’t loving Marvel Comics these days because certain characters aren’t their usual selves. Thor doesn’t wield Mjolnir and Hulk is, I think, dead. Enter the Comixology exclusive comic pitting Thor vs. Hulk, who ya got!?

So what’s it about?

The official summary reads:

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An Elder of the Universe wants to fight Earth’s strongest hero–but will Thor and Hulk ever agree on who that is? Of course not! They’ll have to run a gauntlet of impossible challenges to prove their worth…but what’s really waiting for them at the finish line?

Why does this matter?

This is part of Comixology’s exclusive deal with Marvel to produce content only for them. So far we’ve dug their Iron Fists series so why not a Thor vs. Hulk mashup!? Plus, writer Jeremy Whitley has written some solid comics in his time.

Fine, you have my attention. What’s good about it?

Thor vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe #1 Review
These two are a lot of fun.

Straight from the start this comic brought a lot of joy and big smiles to my face. Thor is in his classic garb being all full of himself and cheery. Hulk meanwhile is grumpy, but willing to trade barbs. If you dug their relationship in Avengers–and can’t wait for the upcoming Thor movie–you’ll love their interactions here. The issue opens with the two competing to see who can break up the most asteroids that are being hurled at Earth. It’s a dangerous situation, but they’ve turned this into a petty game. Things get escalated later and ancient aliens are introduced–including a funny character named the Promoter–and the trap is set. Whitely does a good job with all of the dialogue in this issue as he keeps the pace going and the voices clear. The plotting in general is fun and bubbly as it bounces around and serves up plenty of action.

The art by Simone Buonfantino is quite good and I think this might be his first work. He draws Thor with a longer thinner body that suits his fighting style and there’s a fun nature to character facial expressions. There’s a good amount of detail throughout, especially in Thor’s costume, and there’s a style resminiscent of J. Scott Campbell here and there. Overall I was pretty blown away by the art considering this is a throwback to the heroes’ usual forms and it’s an exclusive to Comixology.

Thor vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe #1 Review
Hulk will always win!

It can’t be perfect can it?

The explaining of the rules, which only lasts about two pages, does get laid on pretty thick. It’s exposition to the max and feels a bit stuffed into a brief scene to get it over with.

Is It Good?

Thor and Hulk might be fighting, but it’s all in jest as these two brosephs tackle whatever is in front of them when they aren’t competing to see who is the better. Comixology has a hit on their hands here as this first issue is a ton of fun all ages should enjoy!

Thor vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe #1
Is it good?
A lot of fun with great character work that all ages will enjoy.
Sharp art with great detail in Thor's costume among other things
Hulk and Thor competing is a lot of fun
Sets up a contest of champions in a fun way
A heavy exposition page or two slows things down
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