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Misbegotten: Runaway Nun #1 Review

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Misbegotten: Runaway Nun #1 Review

Set in a dystopian future, MISBEGOTTEN is a saga that follows the journey of a warrior priest sent to rescue a Jesus-clone from being sacrificed during a mock Passion play.

I am a fan of unique stories. I like creators that take a step outside the box. They put it all on the line to tell their story, not caring what the masses think. The cover of Misbegotten: Runaway Nun first caught my attention back in a previews solicit that was sent my way. Needless to say, I was intrigued. This sounded like the creator was stepping outside of his box, outside the norm. I read the synopsis, scratched my head a little, but I decided I would dive into the book when it was released. Well, today’s the day.

So what is Misbegotten: Runaway Nun?

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Well, I don’t really know where to begin with Misbegotten: Runaway Nun, so let’s go to the description: 

In a post-apocalyptic world gone medieval, the Church sends their top monk warrior to infiltrate a renegade scientist’s enclave and kidnap the J-Clone, the Lord’s vat-born twin. Saving the holy clone from the cross forces, the monk must confront the truth of his own (very immaculate) birth. Clones of Marilyn Monroe, Hitler, Gandhi, and Jesus… oh my! Misbegotten is cyberpunk religion gone mad!

Misbegotten: Runaway Nun #1 Review

Go on……..

The story seems to be set in an alternate world. The Catholic church is the main power of the world. They have banned gunpowder (it isn’t righteous) and instead arm themselves with spears, swords, and crossbows. An interesting decision considering their enemy is pretty loose on the whole gunpowder is “sin” view. The two sides battle, and the gun-pro radicals are stopped dead in their tracks.

So in the beginning, it seems like there is a normal story going on with differences between two factions. Things start to get weird, folks! A very sexy Marilyn Monroe clone makes an appearance. She is in search of her boyfriend, who is also a clone. This clone just happens to be cloned from the DNA of Jesus Christ himself. Did you just squint reading that? I did too. So, two Hitlers and Gandhi walk into a bar. Start of a bad joke, right? Not here! They are as real as Monroe Nun and J-clone. There are multiple clones alive and walking around, and they are being used for a greater purpose. A purpose that I am not at liberty to discuss here.

Misbegotten: Runaway Nun #1 Review


So Dave, is it good?

That all depends on your level of weirdness. As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I love reading unique stories. However, I cannot get behind Misbegotten quite yet. Caesar Voghan begins the story strong. I liked seeing the two armies go at war with each other. We are introduced to a child that is a seer, she has visions. Then, BAM! Sexy Monroe shows up and turns things into a train wreck. And to top it off, she wants her Jesus clone boyfriend back. Where the hell did this even come from? If you are religious and sensitive to your faith, then this is probably a book you wouldn’t enjoy. I’m not really religious and was still trying to figure out what was going on.

The art is the one redeeming quality for Misbegotten. Justin Case illustrates a very beautiful book. It’s a shame that it is for this story. The opening battle is exciting, and the characters have exceptional detail. Even the less than desirable sex scene had a subtle hint of steaminess in the first couple of panels. Great art, but not a great outlet.

Misbegotten: Runaway Nun is a story that has quite a few interesting ideas, just horrible execution. The focus is scattered throughout the book. I don’t know if I should care about the battle at the beginning, or if I should forget all about it and hope Monroe hooks up with J-clone. Maybe if the events were switched around in the order of the story, it would have been an easier read. But the best I can say is that the Runaway Nun needs to keep on running.



Misbegotten: Runaway Nun #1 Review
Misbegotten: Runaway Nun #1 Review
Is it good?
Couple of interesting ideas in the story
The artwork is the best thing about the book
Characters are lacking. I don't identify, nor care about any of them
lot of ideas, horrible direction and execution
There isn't a clear focus in the book.

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