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Justice League/Power Rangers #6 Review

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Justice League/Power Rangers #6 Review

The final issue of Justice League/Power Rangers is here. Is it good?

The long awaited Justice League/Power Rangers finale, which sees not only the eponymous characters’ interplay come to a close but the final battle between Lord Zedd and Brainiac, is finally here. Justice League/Power Rangers #6 is an action packed issue with some amazing fight sequences and exciting drama. Ever want to see Alpha become larger than life and fight off giant alien monsters? Then look no more because you get to see that and so much more.

Let me just get this out of the way, first: the art by Stephen Byrne, as always, really shines. Every page in every issue of this series has done so, with wonderful character designs and colors that pop. The coloring of these books hit every sweet spot and with characters as colorful as the Power Rangers and Justice League, that’s no small feat. There was a perfect balance of color on every part of this series and you’ll want to make almost every panel of any page your new wallpaper because it’s filled with fun art featuring the best characters in comics and TV today; seeing characters like Billy and Cyborg team up is really fun because they fit so well together. And being able to see Braniac take control of the Zords and use them against them and the Justice League was delightful and brings a smile to my face.

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Justice League/Power Rangers #6 Review

Now the part that hurts me about this story is the actual dialogue itself. The story is there and it’s wonderful and it makes sense without coming off as forced or corny, but the dialogue is so short it’s almost as if you’re reading a picture book. Tom Taylor is one of my favorite writers so this kills me to say but the narrative fell a bit short, even given the circumstances of the title. Every page has about 5 word bubbles tops — it almost makes me believe that he was limited to how many words per page he was allowed to have; the discourse was so spread out and I understand that there are a lot of characters to work with but I flipped these pages so fast I didn’t feel like I read a comic book — more like I was reading just one-liners and grunts every time someone threw a punch.

Justice League/Power Rangers #6 Review

The big problem with Justice League/ Power Rangers is that it was such an exciting and unexpected announcement that two very big parts of our childhood would come together and take on two of the most bad-ass villains like Lord Zedd and Braniac — that it just couldn’t quite live up to expectations. I’m a very big fan of both series of characters and I feel like no one wanted this more than I did. Ultimately, the narrative was spread out too thin for just 6 issues; to be left with such a mediocre story line that could have been filler for either series (and been relatively the same featuring different characters than the titular ones) is disappointing.

The great thing about getting a crossover event of any kind is that both companies behind the project always aim for the stars and try to deliver something unrecognizable and fresh to the most familiar characters. These are basically dream teams and fantasies that we’ve either always wanted to see or didn’t know just how badly we wanted to see. So this series in the end had some very great elements to it but just fell short. Every ingredient was right in front of them but somewhere and somehow it just wasn’t executed as well as it could have been.

Justice League/Power Rangers #6 Review
Justice League/Power Rangers #6 Review
Is it good?
As much as I ripped on this book, the entire series is really fun. Both series are aimed more for an adult audience (these days anyways) and are taken very seriously so when I read this for the first time it just felt like any other book you find in your library. That being said this series is still entertaining but if you're a fan of both series you might come away disappointed at what could have been.
The art and coloring were the best part of this series. Every page has at least one panel you'll want to screenshot and set as your wallpaper.
There is barely any dialogue at all and when there is some it's so short it might as well have been a picture book.
The entire series just fell flat and didn't live up to expectations. The story didn't resemble either Power Rangers or Justice League.

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